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Drug Crimes Defense in Mobile, AL

Were you recently arrested for a drug crime in Mobile, Alabama? If so, a Mobile drug crime defense attorney from Eversole Law, LLC would like to help. At our firm, we have represented countless clients throughout the Mobile area who were facing either state or federal drug charges.

With today’s overcrowded prisons, we find it extremely important to do what we can to focus on alternative sentencing wherever possible for our clients. Whether you were caught in a moment of weakness or if you were running a full-scale manufacturing operation, we are here to be by your side during the criminal process and do what we can to reduce your penalties wherever possible.

Defense for State and Federal Drug Crimes

Facing a criminal conviction is a very scary experience to say the least. Unless you have a background in criminal law, you probably have a lot of questions and we have answers. First off, how you are penalized will depend on a variety of factors such as whether or not this is your first offense, what type of drug you were caught with, how much and what you intended to do with it.

Drug charges can range from misdemeanors to felonies and they can be prosecuted in the state or federal courts. Our firm can provide a strong defense for all types of criminal drug charges including possession, manufacturing, distribution, cultivation, out of state drug charges, federal drug charges, and trafficking.

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Aggressive Drug Crime Defense

Whether you were caught under the influence, with marijuana possession or if you are facing methamphetamine charges, we are confident we can provide a strong and effective defense on your behalf. We will question law enforcement’s procedure including how the search & seizure was conducted, we will weigh your eligibility for alternative sentencing and we will do everything we can to reduce your drug crime penalties.

At our firm, we care deeply for our client’s reputation, their family and their career. In this field of law, we have seen first-hand how a criminal conviction can affect someone’s life for the worse and we want to help protect you from the legal system. Please, contact a Mobile drug crime defense attorney from the firm immediately so we can plan your defense strategy.

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