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Anniston is situated in eastern Alabama, and serves as the halfway point between Birmingham and Atlanta, Georgia on Interstate 20. The city was first settled during the latter part of the 1800s due to the efforts Samuel Noble, who started the community as an industrial town dedicated to producing iron.

Anniston was officially incorporated in 1879 and has grown to a present-day population of nearly 24,000 residents. Anniston is now the county seat of Calhoun County and its historic downtown serves as an example of the idyllic southern community.

The fallout from being charged with a crime is considerable and the charges can often affect your family, coworkers, and others around you. The stigma associated with the mere accusation of some crimes can be severe and can last for an extended period of time. Sexual assault, burglary, and homicide are just some of the crimes forbidden by Alabama law that can carry such a stigma.

If convicted of any of those offenses, you face serious personal ramifications such as negative perceptions in the community and legal penalties like prison time or community service. The attorneys at Eversole Law understand the difficulties of dealing with a criminal charge and we are well-aware of the consequences you and the people you care about may suffer as a result.

Our office exercises discretion when necessary, but we will not hesitate to aggressively pursue our clients’ interests to preserve their reputations.

When faced with the prospect of a criminal conviction, it is essential that you contact an Anniston criminal defense lawyer to give you legal advice and handle your case. Alabama does not shy away from actively prosecuting those accused of crimes, so it is important to have a lawyer who is comfortable handling both community backlash and the myriad legal issues that inevitably arise in every case.

As accomplished defense attorneys, we can look at the facts of your case to discover what legal defenses are available to you and develop an effective trial strategy. In the time before trial, your lawyer can provide valuable advice and help you deal with the various court hearings and interactions with the prosecution to make sure that your rights are preserved.

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The criminal justice system is predicated upon the premise that you are innocent until proven guilty. When you have been arrested for driving-under-the-influence, it is important to contact an Anniston DUI lawyer as soon as possible after you have been charged to ensure that the system works as it should.

State prosecutors are hired and paid to convict the people who are charged with crimes, including those charged with a DUI, so you should have a legal professional by your side to make sure that the system works as it should.

The only way to ensure that your rights are protected is to retain the services of a trained attorney who will fight for you.

If you are convicted of a DUI, jail time is among the many potential adverse consequences you face. Every case is unique with different circumstances that play into the sentencing phase of any given case, and there are many situations where jail time is mandated by Alabama law.

A skilled DUI attorney can often get a DUI charge dismissed, however, through any number of well-founded legal and scientific defenses.

We here at Eversole Law know how to use these defenses to the maximum benefit for our clients, and we have used that knowledge win cases both before trial and in the courtroom.