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The fear and angst people feel while being arrested and charged with a criminal offense is unmatched. Once you see those notorious red and blue lights, a myriad of concerns flood your mind all at once. People who find themselves in this unfortunate situation oftentimes pose these questions: Will I go to prison? How am I going to explain this debacle to my employer? What will my friends and family think? All valid thoughts and concerns when being whisked away on an anxiety-riddled ride in the back of a police car.

But for those who are adamant about avoiding a criminal conviction and its impending legal and collateral consequences, finding a lawyer that will provide an outstanding defense in court should be your main priority. Prosecutors will attempt to nail you with a plea deal that will still ultimately leave you with a criminal record. You'll also have to face a legal system that is designed to keep you from prevailing in court.

The untold truth is that, in most cases, you are perceived as guilty prior to a verdict, despite the well-known standard that all defendants are "innocent until proven guilty." What you need in a dire situation like this is the advocacy of a skilled attorney based in Alabama, who has the ability to empathize with your situation and will tirelessly work on your behalf. At our firm, our lawyers will listen to you, develop a strong defense suitable for your individualized circumstances, and fight for you in court.

We maintain a judgment-free atmosphere so you can tell us your side of the story, and most importantly, we'll be on your side you when it seems like everyone else around you won't. At our firm, our lawyers are dedicated to getting you the best results in court.

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