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A southern suburb of Birmingham, Alabaster is a city in Shelby County with a population of 28,000. Highway 31 was at one time the main artery between Birmingham and Montgomery and played an important role in the growth of the community. Alabaster has been named to Money Magazine’s list of 100 best places to live.

Our Alabaster Criminal Defense Attorneys believe everyone who is charged with a crime deserves immediate access to experienced legal representation. Each member of the team at Alabama Criminal Lawyers is dedicated to getting you the help you need and to protecting your rights in the wake of criminal charges.

Alabaster Criminal Charges
Shelby County

Homicide: 2
Rape: 27
Robbery: 35
Assault: 276
Burglary: 472
Theft: 2,363
Car Theft: 184

Source: Alabama Criminal Justice information center, 2010 report.

As juvenile criminal defense lawyers, we understand the importance of protecting the rights of our teens in the criminal justice system. Many kids make mistakes. Other kids have had a rough start. Still, others are wrongly accused of committing a crime. But, as the criminal justice system turns more punitive and less rehabilitative, the trend has been to punish teens for criminal offenses – even if that means charging them as adults. Even if it means hurting their chances to overcome a mistake made as a juvenile and go on to become productive adults.

Juvenile Criminal Defense in Alabaster, AL

Make no mistake about it, juvenile charges are serious charges. An attorney must be every bit as diligent in preparing a defense. We believe an Alabaster juvenile defense attorney must do everything within his power to see to it that a young defendant receives every benefit of the doubt afforded by the system.

Defense Against Theft Charges in Alabaster, AL

Theft charges in Alabaster are the most common charges filed in Shelby County and throughout the state of Alabama. An Alabama defense lawyer understands there are many ways a theft charge can be filed and many ways to defend a client against such a charge. The value of the items stolen can have an impact on what charges are filed and what penalties a defendant faces. Whether or not a weapon was used or force or the threat of force was used during the commission of a theft crime can also have a major impact on the ultimate outcome of a case. The statements made by witnesses and by law enforcement must be thoroughly reviewed and challenged whenever possible. And challenges to search warrants can result in a reduction or dismissal of the charges.

Drug Charge Defense in Alabaster, AL

Drug charges can result in a permanent criminal record that can make it difficult to obtain certain jobs or even rent an apartment in certain areas. In some cases, Alabama drug laws come with mandatory minimums, which can result in lengthy prison sentences upon conviction.

The weight and type of drug can influence charges, as can whether a juvenile was involved and whether the alleged drug activity occurred near a school or other sensitive area. Consulting an attorney as early as possible in the process can provide you with the best chance of alternative sentencing or a reduction or dismissal of the charges, any of which can keep you from having a drug offense on your permanent criminal record.

Alabama Criminal Lawyers represent clients facing all types of misdemeanor and felony charges in Alabaster, including DUI charges, domestic violence, assault and battery, burglary, robbery, homicide and manslaughter, sex crimes, computer crimes, fraud and crimes that allege a defendant engaged in white-collar criminal activity, including embezzlement from an employer. If you are facing charges, call today for a confidential consultation to discuss your rights.

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DUI Lawyers in Alabaster, AL

Mothers Against Drunk Driving ranks Alabama in the bottom half (32nd) of the nation when it comes to drunk driving prevention, in part because of the high number of repeat offenders in the state.

The organization reports there are 54,043 motorists who have three DUI convictions and 22,306 who have been busted 5 times for drunk driving.

Frequently, citizens hear statistics like this and they are in disbelief. However, the reality of the criminal justice system is that it can be hard to break free. Probation has a way of dragging on for years. And having a drunk driving conviction on your record makes it exponentially more likely that you will be stopped by law enforcement, questioned, and charged again.

A first-offense DUI is often the easiest to beat or for an experienced attorney to get reduced. Get help. Don’t make the mistake of pleading guilty or accepting a prosecutor’s first offer.

Our Alabaster Drunk Driving Defense Attorneys are the Go to Guys for DUI. Because Alabama Criminal Lawyers dedicate a significant portion of its practice to the defense of motorists facing DUI or other serious driving charges, we have the knowledge and experience necessary to aggressively and thoroughly defend you against drunk driving allegations.

Don’t make the mistake of taking the charges lightly. A first-offense Alabama DUI charge is punishable by:

Additionally, other orders of the court, including court costs, alcohol treatment and probation, can make it more likely that you will not complete the terms and will be back in court to face additional sanctions.

Some 14,000 Alabama motorists face drunk driving charges each year. An Alabaster drunk driving defense lawyer can see to it that your rights are protected. Nationwide, as many as one-third of those arrested and charged with drunk driving are not convicted of the charge in any given year.

Aggressive enforcement means more and more motorists are facing questionable or unfair arrest. Job loss, loss of driving privileges, steep fines and jail time make it critical that you seek assistance in protecting your rights.

Avenues for challenging a drunk driving arrest include challenging probable cause for the traffic stop or for the officer’s request that you perform field sobriety testing or submit to a breathalyzer examination; the conduct, behavior and training of officers involved; the maintenance records and calibration of the breathalyzer examination; and the review of videotapes or the statements of eyewitnesses or other parties to the arrest.

If you are facing a DUI charge in Alabaster or the surrounding area, contact us today for a confidential consultation to discuss your rights. Contact Alabama Criminal Lawyers today at (205) 981-2450 for a free consultation.