Case Results

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Attempted Murder Drastically Reduced

When a client was charged with a very serious felony for attempted murder, we reviewed the facts and presented our case. This preparation and attention to detail allowed us to secure a considerable reduction to reckless endangerment. Now, as a misdemeanor, this spared our client from some incredibly harsh penalties.

Assault Conviction Overturned

Alabama Criminal Lawyers handled a client’s appeal and after aggressively fighting for our client, we successfully had this client’s assault conviction overturned.

Rape Charge Dismissed

When a client was accused of rape, our sex crime attorneys acted fast. We dealt with the prosecution, offered legal guidance, and secured a dismissal that preserved our client’s reputation and freedom.

Vehicular Manslaughter & Murder Charges Dismissed

After we were retained, we walked our client through the court process, explained the case, and ultimately arranged to have all the charges dismissed. This was a huge relief that spared our client from a long time behind bars.

Indecent Exposure Charge Dismissed

Alabama Criminal Lawyers helped our client to clear up a potentially embarrassing and severe criminal charge. This dismissal allowed our client the chance to move on.

Attempted Murder Charge Dismissed

Our client was facing heinous accusations and a life-changing situation. Our lawyers worked tirelessly and negotiated to have the charges completely dismissed.

Sex Abuse Conviction Overturned

We fought for our client’s rights and not only was he released from custody, but our client was also spared from registering as a sex offender.

Drug Possession Conviction Overturned

We worked on our client’s behalf to overturn a drug possession conviction three years after the original conviction.