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Chelsea, AL – Criminal Defense

Chelsea, Alabama of a city of 10,000 residents located in Shelby County. For several years, it has been considered the fastest growing city in the state.

The Chelsea Criminal Defense Attorneys with Alabama Criminal Lawyers represent clients facing all types of criminal charges in Chelsea and the surrounding area, including DUI/drug charges, domestic violence, assault, homicide, manslaughter, rape, robbery, burglary, gun charges, probation violations and juvenile crimes.

Chelsea Criminal Charges

Shelby County
Homicide: 2
Rape: 27
Robbery: 35
Assault: 276
Burglary: 472
Theft: 2,363
Car Theft: 184

Source: Alabama Criminal Justice information center, 2010 report.

Theft and Fraud Charges

Theft and fraud charges are the most commonly filed criminal charges in Chelsea and elsewhere in Alabama. Theft charges can take many different forms, including robbery, burglary, auto theft, grand theft, shoplifting, fraud, and embezzlement.

In the vast majority of these cases, a defendant is not caught in the act. Instead, a circumstantial case is built based on a paper trail, eyewitness testimony or the discovery of stolen items in a defendant’s possession.

With an aggressive and experienced defense, these charges can be beat, or a reduction or dismissal of the case can be won. It’s important that a defendant makes no statements to the police. In many cases, statements a defendant makes can be among the most damaging evidence used to secure a conviction.

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Juvenile Defense Lawyers in Chelsea

We are dedicated to protecting the rights of teenagers who are facing criminal charges. Too often, parents fail to take these charges seriously enough – believing instead that they will somehow magically disappear once a teen becomes an adult. This is often not the case.

Criminal records and criminal problems can follow a teenager into adulthood. Failure to properly defend a juvenile can also result in problems finishing school and difficulty enrolling in college or even joining the military. Sometimes teens make mistakes. Sometimes they get off to a rough start. Sometimes authorities get it wrong.

But always a Chelsea juvenile defense attorney should be on hand to make sure a teen’s rights are protected as he or she goes through the criminal justice system.

Drug Crimes in Chelsea

Drug charges in Chelsea continue to be filed every day. Alabama’s drug laws can be tough. While many states are passing medical marijuana laws and decriminalizing possession, Alabama still has mandatory minimum sentencing laws on the books that can result in decades behind bars. Having a drug conviction on your record comes with a negative stigma not associated with many other crimes.

It can make it difficult or impossible to obtain employment or to obtain certain occupational licenses. Even renting an apartment can be made difficult by a drug conviction. A drug charges defense lawyer in Chelsea can seek treatment or alternative sentencing options – or can fight to have the charges reduced or dismissed.

There is often a lot of leeway when it comes to drug cases – at least for those defendants who consult an experienced attorney and fight to keep a conviction off their record.

If you are facing misdemeanor or felony charges in Chelsea or the surrounding area, contact us for a confidential consultation to discuss your rights.