Vestavia Hills Municipal Court

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Vestavia Hills Municipal Court System

Individuals who must have a case heard in Vestavia Hills Municipal Court often feel uneasy about the proceedings involved and the potential consequences. Even individuals who have had a case heard in a municipal court before can be left anxious about the process.

By learning some of the basic information about municipal court and consulting with an experienced defense attorney, individuals can begin to take steps to ensure the process develops in the best possible manner. Individuals who will have an issue heard in the court should also learn some important details about Vestavia Hills Municipal Court.

Court Location

The Vestavia Hills Municipal Court is located at 1032 Montgomery Highway in Vestavia Hills, Alabama next to the Vestavia Plaza Shopping Center. This location is composed of two buildings that contain numerous administrative offices, which means that it can be difficult for an individual to find where the court is located. In preparation for having an issue heard in the court, individuals should learn where the court is located prior to the date of a hearing.

Court Hours

The hours of the Vestavia Hills Municipal Court are from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm every Monday to Friday. The Vestavia Hills Municipal Court holds court days on Tuesdays at which time the court’s magistrate office closes at 3:00 pm in order to prepare for court.

Traffic School

The Vestavia Hills Municipal Court offers a four-hour traffic school class for individuals who have not received a motor vehicle ticket within the past five years. Individuals who have been issued a traffic citation within the last five years who wish to attend an eight-hour traffic school are able to attend class based upon a case-by-case determination of the court.

Scope Of Cases

The Vestavia Hills Municipal Court hears misdemeanor cases, municipal ordinance violations, and motor vehicle violations that occur within the jurisdiction of Vestavia Hills.

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The Path of Cases in Vestavia Hills

Because the Vestavia Hills Municipal Court hears a variety of issues, there are many ways that case can proceed within the court. Cases, however, tend to follow a basic outline. Individuals first appear during an arraignment. At the arraignment, individuals have the option of pleading not guilty, guilty, or no contest.

Individuals who plead guilty often receive a decision from the court that day about the resulting penalties. After the arraignment, individuals hear a pretrial hearing. At the pretrial hearing, an individual’s attorney will attempt to negotiate with opposing counsel in an attempt to reach a plea agreement.

If the individual’s attorney is able to successfully negotiate during the plea agreement, then the matter will likely be resolved. If the matter is not resolved, then a client will attend a hearing.

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