Alabaster Municipal Court

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Alabaster Court System

Facing a charge in a court of law can seem frightening and even nerve-wracking. In many types of situations, it is possible to have significant charges heard in Alabaster Municipal Court. It is a very wise idea for individuals who might have a hearing in Alabaster Municipal Court to familiarize yourself with the court, the applicable charges, the potential penalties, available defenses, and criminal defense attorneys.

Court Location

The Alabaster Municipal Court is located in the City Hall at 1953 Municipal Way in Alabaster, Alabama. City Hall is close to 11th Avenue and Alabama 119. The building houses several administrative offices, which can make it difficult to find the office of one’s choice.

Court Hours

Court is held on the second fourth Wednesday of each month except for the months of November and December. There are morning and afternoon dockets that are heard during these days. Morning court runs from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm. Afternoon court runs from 2:00 pm until the docket is completed. Trials are usually held on the first Wednesday of each month.

Cases Heard By The Alabaster Municipal Court

The Alabaster Municipal Court has limited jurisdiction that extends to local ordinance and non-criminal traffic violations. The Municipal Court hears cases including disorderly conduct, domestic violence, possession of small amount of marijuana, driving a vehicle under the influence, speeding, petty theft, trespassing, and unauthorized use of a vehicle. The Municipal Court cases are heard by one municipal judge who is appointed for a term of two years.

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How Cases Proceed in Alabaster

Cases that are heard in Alabaster Municipal Court can follow many different paths. There is a process that many cases tend to follow. The first time that an individual appears in a court is called an arraignment, during which time an individual will be asked to either enter a plea of guilty or not guilty. Individuals who plead guilty are often sentenced at that time.

Individuals who plead not guilty will have to later attend a pretrial hearing. During a pretrial hearing, an individual’s attorney will attempt to negotiate with opposing counsel in order to reach a plea agreement. A pretrial hearing is likely to result in a trial in which an individual will be found either guilty or not guilty.

The Assistance Of An Attorney

If you face a penalty that will be heard by the Alabaster Municipal Court, it is very likely that the sentence could result in fines, the revocation of an individual’s driver’s license, and even jail time. Given the frequently high stakes that are involved in a case, it is often wise for an individual to consult with an experienced attorney with Alabama Criminal Lawyers who can help give you the best chance at obtaining the most favorable outcome.

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