Hoover Municipal Court

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Hoover Court System

Having a case proceed through Hoover Municipal Court can cause much anxiety and uncertainty in individuals. Individuals sometimes worry that a case could result in significant penalties or even jail time.

One of the best ways to prepare for having an issue heard by the Hoover Municipal Court is to research where the court is located and how the court operates in order to make sure that one can arrive early on the day a case is heard. Individuals also benefit from learning some of the basic information about Hoover Municipal Court.

Preparing For A Case

Individuals who will have a case heard by Hoover Municipal Court are advised to follow some basic advice. Individuals should make sure to dress appropriately for court, never bring food or drink into the court, and not use tobacco products inside the court building.

Court Location

The Hoover Municipal Court is located at 100 Municipal Lane in Hoover, Alabama near the Hoover Public Library and Hoover Police Department. Because there are many buildings in the area and the court’s building contains several administrative offices, individuals are advised to learn the court’s exactly location prior to the day an issue is heard by the court. Some issues including arraignments are also heard at the Hoover Public Safety Center located at 2020 Valley Road in Hoover, Alabama.

Traffic School

The Hoover Municipal Court offers several four-hour traffic school classes at its Hoover Public Safety Center location. These classes are offered to applicable individuals who are charged with moving violations, excluding individuals who possess a Commercial Drivers License. After the successful completion of the class, an individual’s charges are dismissed.

Type Of Cases That Are Heard

The jurisdiction of the Hoover Municipal Court includes misdemeanor cases, municipal ordinance violations, and motor vehicle violations including DUIs that occur within the jurisdiction of Hoover. The court has the power to penalize individuals with fines, imprisonment, and labor among other types of violations.

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A Typical Case Pattern in Hoover Municipal Court

Individuals are often curious about how cases will proceed through Hoover Municipal Court. Individuals can first expect to attend an arraignment. During an arraignment, an individual will have the option of entering a plea of either guilty or not guilty.

Individuals who plead guilty will then sign a waiver discussing the penalties that will be faced by an individual. After the arraignment, individuals might attend a pretrial hearing during which the individual’s attorney will attempt to negotiate matters with opposing legal counsel.

If the individual’s attorney is unable to settle a negotiate, the individual’s case will then proceed to a trial.

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