Homewood Municipal Court

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Homewood Municipal Court System

If you are scheduled to appear in Homewood Municipal Court, you can be left feeling uncertain about how the process will develop. Whether it is your first time in court or a repeat experience, the process can be nerve-wracking.

To help prepare for the experience that is ahead, it is wise for individuals to learn some information about the process ahead. In addition to arriving early at the courthouse at least thirty minutes prior to the scheduled time, individuals should also learn some of the basic details about the Homewood Municipal Court.

Court Location

The Homewood Municipal Court is located at 1833 29th Avenue South in Homewood, Alabama closed to the intersection of Oxmoor Road and Montgomery Parkway. The same building is also home to the Homewood Police Department.

Court Hours

The Municipal Court is open between 8:00 am to 4:30 pm every Monday to Friday. The court also holds dockets in addition to trials for appropriate cases. Court sessions occur every Tuesday and Wednesday beginning with 6:00 pm and 5:30 pm check-in times. The Homewood Municipal Court also holds a defensive driving school that allows individuals with a clean driving record the opportunity to maintain a clean driving record.

Cases Heard By The Homewood Municipal Court

Cases that are heard by the Homewood Municipal Court include criminal and traffic cases that are committed within the jurisdiction of Homewood.

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How Cases Proceed in Homewood Municipal Court

There are many different ways that a case in Homewood Municipal Court can develop. Most cases, however, tend to follow a general path. An individual first appears in court at the time of an arraignment.

During the arraignment, an individual has the option to plead no contest, guilty, or not guilty in response to the charge. Individuals who plead guilty at the time of arraignment often receive a decision that day. Individuals who plead not guilty frequently then attend a pretrial hearing.

At the pretrial hearing, an attorney will negotiate with opposing counsel in an attempt to reach a plea agreement. If an individual’s’ lawyer cannot negotiate terms with opposing counsel during a plea agreement, an individual will almost always then face a trial during which time a court of law will decide whether an individual is not guilty or guilty of the offense in question.

The Assistance Of A Birmingham Attorney

Prior to having an issue heard in Homewood Municipal Court, individuals should make sure to learn the court’s exact location so there are no issues with arriving on time on the scheduled date. Having the assistance of experienced legal counsel can make a significant difference in whether your case results in substantial fines or jail time.

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