Drug Crime FAQs

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Frequently Asked Questions about Drug Crimes in Alabama

1. If I was caught with marijuana, will I go to jail?

Whether or not you will go to jail for marijuana possession will depend on how much marijuana was in your possession, as well as if the police believed it was only intended for personal use. If this is your first criminal offense and you can prove that the marijuana was for personal use only, a good criminal defense attorney should be able to help you avoid jail. Although simple marijuana possession is a Class A misdemeanor, which is punishable by up to 1 year in jail, many first-time offenders are able to avoid jail by completing an alternative sentencing program. If you are found with large quantities of marijuana in your possession, or if police believe you have marijuana in your possession with intent to sell or distribute, there is a higher chance you could be sentenced to jail.

2. What are my rights in regards to search and seizure?

The 14th Amendment protects all Americans from unlawful search and seizure. This means the police cannot search you or your home or seize anything without just probable cause or a valid search. If the police violate search and seizure laws, any evidence obtained during the search can be suppressed. If you have been charged with a drug crime, Alabama drug defense attorney Richard Perry can investigate your case in search of evidence that indicates police violated this law. If search and seizure laws were violated, we can motion to have the evidence suppressed or the charges dropped.

3. What penalties could I face if I am found guilty?

While the penalties for a drug crime conviction will depend largely on the type of drugs involved as well as the quantity, common penalties include incarceration, large fines, probation/parole, mandatory drug treatment, community service, and more.

4. I heard something about an alternative sentence. What is that?

An alternative sentence is basically an alternative to jail. For people accused of non-violent drug crimes, such as simple possession, it always advisable to seek an alternative sentence instead of serving time in jail. Most alternative sentencing programs involve drug counseling or treatment that the defendant is required to attend and complete successfully. Alternative sentences are also common in cases involving first-time offenders.

5. Do you offer a free consultation?

Yes, at Alabama Criminal Lawyers, we offer a free consultation to all clients. For more information about our services, as well as to schedule your free consultation, please contact an Alabama drug crime lawyer today at (205) 981-2450.