Work Release Programs in Alabama

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Alabama Work Release Programs

The state of Alabama allows some individuals who are convicted of drug-related offenses to go on “work release” and other alternative sentences rather than serve jail time. Work release programs offer individuals the opportunity to do hard work that benefits the community rather than serve time confined in jail.

Not every drug-related charge results in the possibility of a work release. If you are facing a drug-related offense, it is valuable to understand how work releases work and how individuals can enter the program via the advice of a Birmingham drug defense lawyer.

Qualifying For A Work Release Program in Birmingham

Individuals often must pay an administrative fee in order to participate in a work-release program. For individuals who face misdemeanor charges due to drug-related offenses, the individual is likely to be eligible for work release.

For individuals who are charged with felonies due to drug-related offenses, a judge determines whether an individual will be eligible for a work-release program. Individuals who are chosen to participate in a work-release program must pay the Department of Corrections a small percentage of the payment that is earned by the inmate’s labor.

The Contents Of  A Work Release Program

Work release programs were once based around difficult manual labor. Programs today are normally focused upon improving the surrounding community. Individuals will be monitored while performing the work release duty and are required to perform the job admirably and in good faith.

Many work-release programs do not involve confinement at all, which means that individuals do not spend nights in a prison. Instead, many individuals reside in their homes while participating in a work-release program. Individuals must remember to attend each day of the work release program on time because attending late or skipping a session could result in an individual going back to jail. Individuals earn a small salary for working in the program, which is often used to pay for any fines that may have resulted from the offense.

Failure To Complete The Program

Individuals can fail to complete a work-release program in several ways, but one of the most enforced acts is when an individual attempt to escape the area of confinement in which the work release activity is performed. Leaving this area is considered to be an escape from law enforcement and often receives strict penalties.

Another common violation of the program are individuals who are determined to have drugs or alcohol in their system. If an individual violates the terms of a work-release program, the individual will likely be excluded from the program and forced to serve the rest of their sentence without the option of work release.

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