Women Over 60 and the Rise of Alcoholism

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Those who are habitually under the influence of alcohol or who suffer from alcoholism are more likely to get pulled over and charged with drinking and driving. Individuals who face second or third DUI offenses are more often than not victims of alcoholism.

According to a recent report, a new demographic is becoming more likely to need treatment for alcohol addiction-women over the age of 60. Researchers found women over the age of 60 make up nearly 1 in 10 of females who undergo formal alcohol dependency programs, like Alcoholics Anonymous. Addiction experts and psychologists have seen a problematic rise in problem drinking, driven by a culture of drinking at home, especially for older Americans.

The downtrodden economy as well as women staying at home can both contribute to patterns of heavier drinking and addiction. The trend was first tracked in England, where researchers found a 65 percent rise in the number of older women treated for alcoholism in the past five years. Rather than going out to a bar or restaurant to drink, researchers say more women are drinking in the privacy of their own home, which can result in more dependency issues. Many of those drinking at home, alone are older women, study authors found.

Other factors likely to contribute to heavy drinking including loneliness, boredom and isolation among older women. Those who suffer from alcoholism could face health problems, psychological problems and relationship turmoil.

Plus, there is the greater possibility of criminal charges if they get behind the wheel. If charged with a DUI, convicted offenders could face fines, jail time, loss of license and other criminal penalties. Alcoholism is a disease, and individuals who suffer from a physical addiction to alcohol should seek medical treatment. In the event of criminal charges, an alcoholic may seek to reduce penalties if entered into a rehabilitation program.

According to the research, there were 2,736 women over the age of 60 who started alcohol treatment between 2013 and 2014, compared to 1,436 women between 2008 and 2009. The over-60 age bracket also makes up a significant portion of newly-diagnosed alcoholics. Younger women between the ages of 18 and 29 were less likely to need treatment for alcoholism.

Researchers learned women began to drink more heavily after retirement. For those whose patterns were curbed because of work structure, retirement can be a harmful transition. Analysts also said many of these women never had problems with drinking in the past.

If you or someone you love suffers from alcoholism, there are resources available to help you achieve recovery. If you have been arrested for DUI or involved in an alcohol related accident and suffer from addiction, you need experienced legal counsel.

Our Birmingham DUI defense attorneys will take a strategic approach to review your case, defend your rights and help you get the treatment you need.

If your parent or other elderly loved one suffers from alcohol addiction, be wary of the risks and the dangers of how alcoholism could affect the ability to drive or result in criminal penalties.

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