Tips for Employers to Prevent Holiday Party DUIs

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Company Christmas parties are a time for employees to come together, to celebrate the year’s successes, and to let-go of work-related stress. For many employers, this can be a large and costly event, with all of the trappings: food, entertainment—and alcohol. While you want your employees to have fun, you also want to avoid liability and take all necessary precautions to prevent DUIs the night or day after the event. Our Birmingham DUI defense attorneys are committed to public safety and in preventing unwarranted drunk driving charges.

Holiday drinking

During the holiday season, officers are also going to be increasing efforts to catch drunk drivers. This means more check points, more cops on the road, and an increased chance of getting pulled over on city streets, rural highways, and the Interstate. Regardless of where your company is located, you want to plan ahead to prevent drunk driving accidents and unnecessary arrests. Here are some holiday tips to prevent DUI after holiday parties:

Plan ahead to ride share. Encourage your employees to designate a driver and to travel in groups. This helps promote planning ahead so that everyone knows in advance how they will be getting home.

Serve food and non-alcoholic beverages. You should make sure that food and other beverages are served at least 30 minutes before the bar opens. Never let your guests drink or continue to drink on an empty stomach.

Encourage “Drinking Responsibly.” You could create a banner, print it on name tags, create cups with the slogan, but the pervasiveness of the catch phrase to “Drink Responsibly” throughout the night may be the reminder folks need to limit their intake.

Prevent guests from bringing their own liquor. Being in control of the bar means that you can also keep an eye out for those who may have gone overboard. You can also make the executive decision when to close the bar.

Give out a limited number of drink tickets. If you want to prevent employees from going overboard, you could give them a limited number of drink tickets.

Have a breath test station. If you really want to be safe, you could have guests turn in keys and take a breath test before having them returned.

Offer to pay for cabs home. If your business has the funds, you could offer to pay for cabs for guests who are leaving the party. Some business owns offer twice the cab fare so that employees can also get a ride the next day to pick up their vehicle.

Host your party on a Friday night. Giving your employees the next day off gives everyone a chance to sleep off their hangover and prevents the unexpected “morning DUI.”
Employers and employees should take all necessary steps to avoid DUIs this holiday season. Police officers will be on the lookout and an arrest and charge could be more costly than your professional reputation. A DUI could result in jail time, loss of license, and extensive fines. If you are pulled over and arrested for DUI this holiday season, you want to have your case reviewed by a professional advocate you can trust.

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