Special Needs Bus Accident Case: DUI After “Hit and Run”

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DUI arrests may occur if an officer suspects you are under the influence, if another driver or witness tips off the police, or if you are involved in an accident. When an accident occurs, the penalties for driving under the influence may be more severe, especially if another driver or passenger is injured. In a recent Alabama case, an alleged drunk driver struck a bus full of special needs students. According to reports, the driver also sped off after the accident, which is likely to result in additional “hit and run” charges.

Any arrest should be scrutinized by a criminal defense advocate. The circumstances of your arrest and the charges being filed against you must be reviewed by an experienced attorney. Even if you were drinking and driving, you want to protect your rights to ensure you are not over-penalized or over-charged for your offense. Our DUI defense attorneys are experienced with handling even the most complex DUI cases. We understand the potential penalties for our clients and will explore every defense available to you.

Alabama State Troopers reported that the driver struck a bus of special needs children and then fled. According to reports, the bus had dropped off a student when a car rounded the corner and side-swiped the bus. Witnesses indicated that the driver continued on after striking the bus. Immediately, the accident drew suspicions that the driver was drinking. Officers arrived on scene and began to pursue the suspect, who had parked his car at home. The driver’s home was in plain view of the accident, so officers were able to quickly identify the vehicle and the alleged drunk driver.

Hit and run “drunk driving” cases can become complicated, especially if officers do not apprehend the driver on the scene. The officers must go through the additional investigation after the accident, then collect evidence to prove that the driver was under the influence. In this case, the driver was parked in his own driveway when officers arrived at his home and charged him with driving under the influence. Reports did not indicate whether officers performed a breathalyzer or field sobriety test on the alleged offender. According to reports, the driver had a previous record and had been arrested for DUI four years ago; however, the case was dismissed.

Parents were outraged and the Superintendent of the school district also made public statements about the accident. None of the students in the crash were injured, though reports indicated that they were frightened by the accident. The alleged drunk driver was also not injured in the collision. According to reports, if the car had veered a few more inches, the accident could potentially have resulted in a head-on collision. Like many accident cases, there are always competing versions of events and all sides are quick to draw conclusions. If you have been involved in an accident, an experienced advocate can review your case and help you prepare the best defense for court.

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