Second Alabama Lineman Arrested for DUI

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For the second time this month, an Alabama football player has been arrested and charged with drunk driving.According to reports, defensive lineman Jarran Reed was arrested and charged with DUI and held on a $1,000 bond. Police reports indicate that the player was driving above the .08 legal limit at .13 percent. Professional athletes are often in the public limelight when arrested and charged with DUI. In addition to criminal penalties, the players can face additional personal and professional consequences off the field.

DUI can lead to significant hardships, including fines, penalties, and jail time. Though a DUI arrest can put you under legal scrutiny, remember you have opportunities to protect yourself and your rights. Our Birmingham DUI defense attorneys are dedicated to providing aggressive and strategic advocacy to individuals charged with drunk driving throughout Alabama. We will take a comprehensive approach to review the facts of your case, identify any misconduct by officers and weaknesses in the prosecution’s case, and pursue every opportunity to minimize charges and penalties.

According to reports from the Tuscaloosa police, Reed was driving a Dodge Charger when he ran into another vehicle as it was backing out of a parking spot. According to witnesses, the player attempted to flee the parking lot but was immediately stopped and apprehended by a police officer. At the time of a DUI stop, officers will likely ask the driver to take a breathalyzer or take a series of field sobriety tests. In this case, the officer alleged that he smelled alcohol in the car and conducted a field sobriety test.

The University of Alabma coach issued a statement regarding the player’s actions, saying the situation is under evaluation and he will likely face discipline. The arrest comes only one week after another player was arrested for obstructing operations and only a few months after another linebacker was arrested for DUI. In addition to criminal penalties, college athletes may also face suspension or could lose their position on a team. For college athletes who are arrested for drunk driving or other offenses, an experienced advocate can help to reduce or eliminate charges and penalties. This may also be helpful in preserving an academic and professional athletic career.

In the event of a DUI accident, drivers are likely to face additional penalties. In this case, the driver was involved in a collision and fled the scene. He is likely to face DUI charges as well as criminal charges related to the accident and leaving the scene. It is unknown whether the passenger in the other vehicle suffered any injuries. In addition to criminal penalties, the other driver could bring a civil claim against the player for any property damage or personal injuries arising from the accident. A DUI conviction is always evidence of negligence so it is important for defendants to aggressively defend against charges to avoid civil liability. An aggressive and experienced advocate can review all of the facts and provide strategic representation to prevent a conviction or minimize penalties.

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