Mayor Suspended for DUI in Alabama’s Largest “Dry” City

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DUI arrests can impact the lives of those we least expect. According to recent reports, the mayor of Hartselle, Alabama’s largest “dry” city, has been arrested for driving under the influence. Though the mayor says he opposes the sale of alcohol within city limits, he was allegedly caught driving to neighboring towns, where alcohol is permitted, and then driving home. The case is a reminder that anyone, even those with good intentions, can be unexpectedly caught in the legal hassle of a DUI.

The 61-year-old Hartselle city councilman was elected mayor in 2012. A longtime advocate of the alcohol-free Alabama city, the mayor was also caught up in a recent DUI scandal that made national headlines. According to authorities, the mayor was arrested on Interstate 65 in Limestone County at 7 p.m. on Friday, September 27th. He was booked at the local jail and released on a $1,000 bond. The mayor has already been stripped of his driver’s license but is likely to face additional penalties, including fines, a potential jail sentence, as well as a criminal record.

Those arrested and charged with DUI should take immediate action to avoid the consequences, including loss of license, fines, and jail time. In this case the mayor was immediately stripped of his driver’s license, a penalty that can impact the ability to go to work or care for children. Our Birmingham DUI defense attorneys are dedicated to protecting the rights of our clients who are arrested and charged with DUI. We understand the damaging consequences of DUI and will work to defeat charges and minimize penalties.

Recent reports indicate that the arrest is having more implications than just criminal charges and penalties. The mayor is expected to resign at a city council meeting, though he has not yet made the announcement. Those who knew the mayor reported that he was not a drinker and that the arrest was a surprising turn for the man who advocated staunchly for an alcohol-free Hartselle. Though he has not yet resigned, he is also expected to remain absent from his duties until his criminal case and personal matters are firmly resolved.

Hartselle is the largest city in Alabama that bans legal alcohol sales with 14,500 residents. The city is within the borders of Morgan County, one of the 25 “dry” counties in Alabama where at least one city allows legal alcohol sales within city limits. According to local reports, voters have repeatedly rejected legal alcohol sales in Hartselle. The most recent vote on the issue occurred in 2012 and failed by 412 votes.

Whether you live within a “dry” city or county in Alabama is irrelevant when it comes to driving under the influence charges and arrests. Though you could face criminal penalties for the sale of alcohol, your penalties will remain the same when facing a DUI court. Individuals who are arrested and charged with DUI in Alabama should consult with an experienced attorney who can review the facts and circumstances of the arrest.

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