Man Sentenced To 25 Years Of Imprisonment In Drug Ring Case

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When individuals are charged with not only possessing drugs but providing them to established drug-selling operations, or “drug rings,” the consequences can be serious—especially when they involve drugs that are seen as the most dangerous in the eyes of society. One Birmingham, Ala. man was recently sentenced by a federal court to 25 years in prison after he admitted to supplying cocaine to a drug ring. His case is an example of the types of consequences that can occur from such cases.

According to a Nov. 27 article on, the man was accused of charges related to distribution of crack and powder cocaine. He had entered a guilty plea to several charges. Those included “conspiracy to possess with the intent to distribute and distribution of cocaine, and several instances of distribution of cocaine,” according to the article. He also pleaded guilty to charges for possessing a firearm used to further a drug trafficking offense, as well as possessing a firearm following a felony conviction. The defendant received his sentenced at the Hugo L. Black U.S. Courthouse located in Birmingham.

Besides the man’s prison sentence, part of his plea agreement also involved him giving up $250,000, which was the amount of money he received from his drug trafficking offense. As stated in the article, U.S. Attorney Joyce White Vance credited Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) agents for the success in the defendant’s prosecution. She noted that they “relentlessly pursued this investigation.” It is clear from Vance’s statement that federal officials are aggressive in cracking down on drug distribution and trafficking cases. According to the 2012 National Drug Control Strategy of the Executive Office of the President of the United States, federal law enforcement agencies have partnered with state and local agencies to enhance drug task force efforts. Along with various other drug investigation programs having been boosted, the DEA led 275 task forces nationwide while also providing specialized training to enforcement agencies at the state and local levels in 2011.

Those who are facing drug distribution and trafficking charges at the federal level—whether or not they actually committed the crime—can expect powerful opposition by prosecutors who are trying to prove the suspects’ guilt. For that reason, these individuals need strong defense attorneys by their sides. We not only provide legal representation in drug distribution and trafficking cases, but in federal cases as well. Distribution involves selling or providing any type of illegal drug to others. Trafficking charges can involve the importation or exportation of drugs across state and national borders, or it can just involve the selling of illegal drugs within a person’s home state. (Federal charges can be given for drug crimes that involve the crossing or borders, though there are other factors that can also lead to such charges.) Both drug distribution and drug trafficking can lead to prison time, expensive fines, forfeiture of assets and many other damaging penalties. When individuals are accused of committing these crimes in collaboration with a group, the case only becomes more complex and more serious.

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