Increased DUI Checkpoints in Alabama This Holiday Season

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Law enforcement agencies know that drinking and driving is up during the holiday season. This means more surveillance, checkpoints, and aggressive tactics when seeking out drunk drivers. While the aggressive policing may be one way to reduce the number of drunk drivers on the road, it also creates the danger of unfettered police stops, unfounded charges, DUI arrests and convictions. This holiday season, be wary of aggressive law enforcement strategies and an increased effort in charging drunk drivers.


While safer roads benefit the public good, civil liberties should also be protected. Our Birmingham DUI defense lawyers are experienced in handling complex cases involving DUI arrests and charges. We also stay abreast of law enforcement trends to help protect our clients and ensure both safety and that the rights of Alabama civilians are not being violated.

As drivers know, drinking and driving increases the risk of a crash; however, it is still legal to drink and drive so long as you are below the legal limit of intoxication. When facing a drinking and driving allegation, you want an advocate who can review the evidence in your case, determine whether you were rightfully pulled over, assess sobriety or breathalyzer test evidence and find any holes in the prosecution’s case. Even if you were drinking and driving, you need a defense attorney to ensure you are not overcharged.

During the holiday season, adults celebrate with a couple of drinks. Law enforcement agencies use this time to crack down on drivers and state and local law enforcement agencies are taking aggressive action to stop and pull over drivers at check points. The Alabama Law Enforcement and Traffic Safety Division will be working with local law enforcement agencies and the Alabama Highway Patrol to place emphasis on DUI law enforcement throughout the holiday season.

In addition to stopping more drivers for speeding or seat belt violations, officers will be using more checkpoints, saturation patrols, and line patrols to detect suspected drunk drivers. According to reports, the Alabama Highway Patrol is targeting locations with a recorded high incidence of alcohol related crashes. You are also likely to see media events to raise awareness surrounding alcohol-related crashes this holiday season.

Alabama drivers should be aware of their intake and avoid drinking and driving. All drivers should also be aware of their increased risk of getting pulled over. The consequences for a DUI are severe and could result in fines, jail time, loss of license and a permanent record. If you were targeted at DUI checkpoint or were pulled over, an experienced attorney should review your case.

Remember that even though you had a few drinks at the party and drove home, it does not mean you broke the law. Police must prove that they had probable cause to stop you and have to demonstrate that you were over the legal limit. An improperly calibrated breath test could be the difference between “guilty” and “not-guilty.” You need an experienced advocate to review your case and protect your rights throughout the legal process.

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