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Alabama is known for its 2nd Amendment protections, giving citizens the right to own and carry weapons. Now the Alabama legislature wants to give holiday tax breaks for gun and ammunition purchases throughout the state. The proposal would make gun purchases cheaper in Alabama similar to how the state provides tax breaks for severe weather or school supplies. Legislators are advocating for the tax breaks because of certain threats to gun ownership.

Weapons law is complicated and the right to own and carry a weapon can be impacted for individuals who are convicted of a crime. Ourdefense attorneys in Birmingham are dedicated to protecting the rights of individuals throughout the state. In addition to providing strategic defense in criminal matters, we are also abreast of issues that impact the rights of gun owners and citizens in Alabama.

According to legislators, Alabama residents are highly protective of their 2nd Amendment rights and the tax break would alleviate costs for gun purchasers throughout the state. The law would give incentive to buy firearms and ammunition during the gun purchase tax holiday. The tax holiday would waive 4% on sales gun tax, ammunition, and firearms for individuals who purchase these items between Friday through Sunday prior to the 4th of July every year.

The dates are significant, as legislators in support of the bill believe that the Independence (4th of July) holiday is a perfect time to commemorate and acknowledge the 2nd Amendment. The state is also hoping to generate revenue during this weekend as customers from other states descent upon Alabama to take advantage of the firearms tax break.

Gun and ammunition tax breaks in Alabama are being proposed in the face of other legislation that would double taxes on handguns and propose another 50% tax on ammunition. Those in favor of gun and ammunition tax breaks see an economic benefit as well as an ability to show support for gun rights and gun owners. Gun rights advocates believe that the right to own a weapon gives them the power to prevent crime and give their family defense in the event of a burglary or violent offense. Many see the proposed tax legislation as empowering Alabama’s families and individual protections.

Understandably, the new legislation has raised issues for many citizens. Some are claiming that the tax holiday is only depriving the state of needed tax revenue. Others claim that there are other products that should deserve a tax break, including medications. Currently, there are 22 representatives co-sponsoring the bill and there are expected to be more; still, it the legislation likely will not be passed this term.

While gun rights advocates are pitted against those in favor of gun restrictions nationwide, Alabama residents should be concerned about their rights. Whether you are a gun owner and concerned about your 2nd Amendment rights or you are under investigation involving a drug crime, your rights may be at stake. Once convicted of a felony, you will lose your right to possess a weapon. When looking to protect your rights to own a weapon, remember that any criminal investigation or charges could severely restrict your long term gun rights.

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