Golf Pro Killed in Alabama DUI Crash

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Driving under the influence and DUI can impact individuals and families from any neighborhood, education level, or income bracket. Every month, well-known athletes, celebrities and politicians make headlines for DUI arrests an accidents. In another tragic case, a former LPGA player was killed when her car veered off the road and struck a tree in Alabama. According to reports, the 33-year-old professional golfer and driver of the vehicle had been drinking the night of the accident.

Accidental deaths involving drunk driving are always as tragic as they are preventable. In this case, the driver was allegedly drinking the night of the accident and her friends even tried to take away her keys so that she did not get behind the wheel. Our drunk driving defense lawyers understand the risks of drunk driving accidents, in terms of serious and fatal injury as well as legal consequences. We also understand the complexity of these cases and the severity of charges faced by accused drunk drivers. This is a tragic accident that sheds light on the dangers of drinking and driving. It should be noted that while reports indicated that the driver had been drinking, police and toxicology reports have not publicly confirmed this allegation. Police do suspect that drinking and driving was a cause of this fatal collision.

It can be difficult to tell when we have had too much to drink. Many people can handle more drinks without feeling the effects. Others have a difficult time drawing the line. In some cases, alcohol can reduce inhibitions, making drivers convinced that they are fine to get behind the wheel. According to police reports, the female driver lost control of her vehicle and went speeding past another motorist the night of the crash. She lost control of her vehicle, struck a tree and was ejected from the car. She was taken immediately to the nearest emergency treatment center, but later was pronounced dead from her severe head injuries.

The athlete had filled in as Auburn’s director of golf operations for the 2012-2013 season. She also returned to school and graduated in May 2013 with a degree in health promotion. The victim and driver of the vehicle was a native of Rochester, New York and a three-time All-American who finished second in the 2002 NCAA tournament. She has won numerous awards including seven top-10 finishes and a tournament victory while on the Futures Tour.

Family, friends, and members of the Auburn staff reported that she was well-respected and loved by her community. Her dedication to promoting health seems to contradict the decision to drink and drive; however, this accident demonstrates the reality that anyone can make a bad decision after drinking too much alcohol.

Drinking and driving can be deadly. Drivers should have a full understanding of their rights and obligations. When you are arrested for drinking and driving, it is important to have a full understanding of your rights and obligations. An experienced advocate can review your case, reduce penalties, and ensure the best possible outcome in your case.

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