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Steven Eversole’s Birmingham criminal defense lawyer blog has been cited as one of the top criminal law blog resources in the country. according to Criminal Justice Degree Schools.

With our extensive knowledge of and experience with the Alabama criminal justice system, we endeavor with our blog not only to reach a wide audience, but also to provide relevant, informative material to those facing criminal charges. We also offer valuable analysis for those interested in researching Alabama criminal law, current criminal justice trends and proposed legislation pertaining to criminal law.

Founding Attorney Steven Eversole counsels has dedicated his career to fighting for the rights of clients in Birmingham and the surrounding areas. Our criminal law blog is an extension of those efforts, offering a unique insight into the cases we handle every day.Our posts reflect the wide breadth of the cases we handle, from misdemeanor DUI offenses to drug crimes and felony appeals.

We have reviewed how Birmingham domestic violence arrests has evolved over the years, and some of the more successful defenses in these cases, including lack of evidence, false accusations and self-defense.

We have explored the potential impact of a legislative proposal that would allow law enforcement officials in Alabama to seize property allegedly purchased with stolen money, a measure that gives rise to potential civil rights concerns. And we have discussed in-depth current and proposed Alabama gun laws, and what even simple possession of a firearm can mean for a felon. We’ve also talked about proposed marijuana legislation, and the evolution of our nation’s drug laws.

In light of the upcoming tax season, we have highlighted the rise in tax refund fraud, the potential consequences offenders might expect and what defenses we might use to help our clients avoid serious penalties. We pointed out that the IRS has launched more than 1,500 such investigations just this year alone.

We also weighed in on the revelation that in numerous jurisdictions within Alabama, the court systems are essentially turning defendants’ poverty into prison sentences, meting out out harsher and harsher punishments each time the defendant fails to pay a fine or attend an obligation requiring a hefty cost.

All of these discussions have been timely, thorough and informative.

The site Criminal Justice Degree Schools caters primarily to those interested in pursuing a degree in the field of criminal justice, whether as an attorney, a law enforcement officer or a paralegal. It provides information regarding top-rated schools, tuition and admission requirements.

It also annually ranks the Top 50 Criminal Law Blogs, based on website metrics, Page Authority, the number of other websites that link to the blog, Google PageRank and Domain Rank. Birmingham criminal defense attorney Steven Eversole is honored to have been named to the top 25, with a page authority ranking of 40, outside blog links back to our site so far at 84, and our Domain Rank rating at 48. We also received a boost due to our Twitter presence, @lawyerinalabama.

As the site indicated, the blogs that received top ratings “provide excellent commentary and insights into criminal law from the point of prosecutors, defense lawyers and professors.”

We encourage you to check back to our Alabama Criminal Defense Lawyer Blog routinely, as we have updated information offered each week.

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