DUI Checkpoints Find More Than Alcohol Consumption

Tags: Drug Crimes

In Huntsville, Alabama, a DUI checkpoint was set up to find drunk drivers in the area. However, law enforcement officers have found that many drivers were also guilty for driving under the influence of marijuana. Police are trained to notice the signs of this type of drug use, such as pink eyes, odor, and raised taste buds. In this recent case, they found a driver at the checkpoint with a weapon in his car and they determined that he had been smoking marijuana less than three hours before driving.

Drivers can be charged with DUI for drinking and driving as well as driving under the influence of drugs. This includes more than just marijuana, but any type of controlled substance which could impair driving. If you were arrested for driving while impaired by cocaine, ecstasy, meth, or heroin, your first step should be to contact an attorney from my team. Law enforcement in Alabama takes these charges extremely seriously and so you need to have an equally serious legal advocate on your side.

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