Does Eating Yeast Before Drinking Lower BAC?

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Whether you are a regular drinker or only drink occasionally, you may not know how much it takes to get you drunk. What factors will contribute to your blood-alcohol content?

Most people know that having enough to eat, drinking water, and spacing the number of drinks you consume over time can reduce the rate at which blood-alcohol levels rise. Recently, researchers investigated whether certain foods can actually break down alcohol faster, thereby reducing your overall blood-alcohol content. According to a report onAlabama Public Radio, a recent study shows that eating yeast could potentially reduce blood-alcohol content.

No one wants to suffer a dreaded hangover, but even worse, your BAC can make the difference between a DUI charge and staying below the legal limit. Our Birmingham drunk driving defense attorneys are dedicated to protecting the rights of DUI defendants throughout Alabama. In addition to staying abreast of legislative developments in DUI law, we are also informed about new research and the relationship between food consumption, alcohol intake, and blood alcohol levels.

According to the APR report, the founder and a brewer for Sam Adams tests every batch of brew before it is bottled. As part of his every day job duties, he is often sipping beer, even before lunch time. One way he claims to battle the effects of alcohol is to mix a teaspoon of brewer’s yeast with food. Usually he takes his with yogurt before drinking his pint. The brewer reports that the microscopic fungi help to break down alcohol in the stomach before it is absorbed into the blood stream. His experimentation has led him to believe that eating the yeast allows him to keep his blood-alcohol level down while continuing job duties.

But does it actually work? NPR put the theory to the test. The theory was based on research done by a brewer and biochemist who helped to develop low-calorie and light beers. According to NPR there is significant research showing that food slows the absorption of alcohol into the blood stream-but is yeast more effective? Writers for NPR tested the theory by drinking beer alone, then drinking beer with the yeast and yogurt, then drinking two beers plus water before and after each pint. The experimenters also fasted before the tests to have accurate blood-alcohol readings.

After taking each test, the NPR research team tested their blood alcohol on a BACTrack S80, allegedly the most accurate on the market. According to findings, yeast did not slow the absorption of alcohol very much. But drinking water before and after had a significant effect on BAC. Other challengers to the theory point to the fact that yeast does not have enough time to break down the alcohol before it leaves the digestive track.

Many scientists point to the “yeast theory” as urban legend. For those who are unsure about their blood-alcohol level, the best way to be safe is the tried and true methods of drinking water, eating food, and waiting long enough for the alcohol to pass through your blood stream before getting behind the wheel.

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