Crimes in the News: Citronelle Murders

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Recently, a police investigation into the murders of five adults in the Citronelle area turned up a great deal of questions as law enforcement personnel sifted through a gruesome scene. According to, a quintuple homicide brought investigators to a deadly scene where they rescued a four-month-old infant and discovered the other bodies, one of whom was a pregnant female. The killing took place at a home on Jim Platt Road, and law enforcement officials have been working ever since to find clues as to what really happened at the murder scene and have arrested one suspect that was brought back to Alabama from Mississippi.

According to law enforcement officials, the trouble began in the early morning hours on Saturday, August 20. A group of residents that had moved into the house where the murders took place approximately four or five months ago called 911 to report a trespasser on the property, who they identified as the suspect police have in custody. When police responded to the call, they found nobody on the property. Later in the afternoon of Saturday, August 20, a victim came to the Citronelle police to report that she had been kidnapped and escaped. This led police back to the house where they found the bodies of the other victims. Neighbors have told investigators that there had been increased traffic to and from the house where the murders took place since the new residents moved in, and they believe the victim that reported being kidnapped may have had some type of personal relationship with the suspect.

Further investigation revealed that the suspect returned to the residence after the initial police response to the trespassing call and killed the victims in their sleep using multiple weapons, including a firearm. The suspect turned himself into police in Mississippi after forcing his girlfriend and an infant into his car and driving there. The suspect released the woman and infant upon reaching his father’s house in Mississippi, where he reportedly has an extensive criminal history. Law enforcement officials believe that the incident was domestic-related, and have noted that the suspect has confessed to the crimes and is cooperating with police to help them understand how events unfolded, and why. The suspect is facing six charges of capital murder, which could include the death penalty if the suspect is convicted.

Facing Murder and Other Criminal Charges

In Alabama, capital murder charges can result in the death penalty if a person is convicted on one or more of the charges. Even attempted murder, or charges potentially related to such crimes like felony firearm possession, can have severe and lasting consequences. It is extremely important that those facing such charges enlist the assistance of a criminal defense attorney that has experience handling such serious cases.

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