Breathalyzer App Calls Uber For Impaired Users

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When out drinking for a night, it can be difficult to track how much alcohol you have consumed. It may also be difficult to know when you shouldn’t get behind the wheel.

Certain breathalyzer apps have purported to help drivers in Alabama and nationwide better understand when they are over the legal limit to prevent DUI or drinking related accidents. Now a new breathalyzer app takes an extra step by contacting Uber, the ride service provider, once it detects a user is over the legal blood-alcohol limit.

The company known as “Breathometer” has introduced a new device that informs drivers of how drunk they are, and hails a ride from Uber when the user is legally drunk.

According to reports, the device is called “Breeze,” and has the ability to test the blood alcohol level of a user, similar to other breathalyzer apps. The application goes a step further to help drivers make better decisions, by not getting behind the wheel. The “Breeze” app is connected to a mobile app, via Bluetooth, and has the ability to test blood-alcohol content (BAC). It can provide an estimated time frame before the driver’s BAC will return to zero. The app links to the Uber app, which allows users to quickly find a local ride. The app also gives users the option of phoning a friend or other nearby cab company. Users report the app is easy to use and returns results quickly.

Breathalyzer apps have been scrutinized for returning wildly different results. Some have returned BAC levels much higher than those of law enforcement tests and others returned results much lower than law enforcement tests. The CEO of Breathometer claims the results from “Breeze” are as accurate as law enforcement. The innovators behind “Breeze” wanted to create a device that was easy to carry and effortless to use. Those who are interested can purchase the app at the company website.

Unfortunately, Birmingham residents will still need to use traditional cab companies or call a friend rather than use Uber because it has not yet been approved in the city. Uber officially launched in Alabama and is used for ride sharing in Tuscaloosa and Auburn, as well as other cities throughout the state. According to reports, Uber attempted to enter the Birmingham market, but was met with resistance by the city council. In July, the Birmingham City Council revised its transportation code to allow ride sharing apps. However, council did not agree to concede to Uber’s demand for specific rules regarding its ride-sharing operations.

What’s noteworthy is that even if one has access to these digital apps, they are not necessarily bullet proof. Their submission into court evidence is largely untested. So if an app indicates you aren’t drunk, you take that as a green light to drive and the officer says you are impaired, it’s questionable whether the court would allow the app results to be shown to a jury for consideration.

When you are out in Birmingham or drinking in the state of Alabama, it is important to know your limit. If you have had too much to drink and could potentially blow over the legal limit, consider calling a cab or getting a ride from a friend. The consequences of a DUI in the state of Alabama are severe and can result in loss of license, significant fines and jail time. Our Birmingham DUI attorneys are committed to protecting the rights of individuals who have been arrested and charged with DUI.

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