Birmingham Police Arrest 2 for Drug-Related Homicide

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According to a recent news report from, Birmingham police arrested two defendants for an alleged drug-related slaying. A police spokesperson said the investigation began when victim was found dead in his home in Highland Park.

Victim was a 48-year-old man found dead by police when they responded to a call around 8:15 p.m. This was not the first time Birmingham police were at this man’s home. Police were there on a previous occasion for an assault, which had allegedly occurred in his home, and he reported his vehicle had been stolen. Police said they have recovered victim’s vehicle at this point. While police have not given out many specifics about the alleged homicide, they do believe this murder was drug-related.

If you or a family member has been charged with homicide in Birmingham, you are likely very concerned about what will happen to during the court process. This is understandable, as homicide is among the most serious criminal offenses of which a person can be charged.

As our Birmingham homicide attorneys can explain, the best thing you can do is not talk to anyone about the alleged offense until first speaking with an attorney. Many people, especially friends and family want to talk to defendant and find out what happened. While he or she may be innocent, and want to tell people, talking about the alleged crime is one of the worst things you can do. When a suspect talks to a family member or friend, Alabama law does not consider these communications to be protected in any way.

This means a prosecutor can subpoena friends and family members to testify about what defendant told them. If they refuse to testify, they can be held in contempt and sent to jail. On the other hand, most communications made to a criminal defense attorney are considered to be protected by attorney client privilege and your attorney cannot be forced to tell prosecutors about these conversations.

If your friend or family members wants to talk to you about the alleged crime, it is best to tell him or her not to say anything before speaking with an attorney. While this may seem uncomfortable, as you want to know what happened, it is for his or her own protection.

One thing you should absolutely never do is discussing anything about a criminal offense with defendant on a jail telephone or in a visiting hall. All of these conversations are recorded and prosecutors will routinely request all recordings. If there are volumes of recordings, they will assign an intern or paralegal to listen to each and every recording and make transcripts.

Again, the best thing you can do to help your friend or family member who is in jail after being arrested in Birmingham is to call an experienced attorney who regularly represents people charged with homicide. This is not to say you should not speak with defendant. There is nothing wrong with visiting or answering a jail call, but you should never speak about the case.

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