Birmingham Doctor Arrested and Facing Charges for Unlawful Distribution of a Controlled Substance in Alabama

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A Birmingham doctor was arrested last week and is facing charges for allegedly illegally distributing and trafficking prescription drugs in Alabama, according toFOX6.  The doctor was taken into custody at his office by investigators and DEA agents, according to the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office.

Investigators are saying that he facing is three counts of Trafficking in a Controlled Substance and three counts of Unlawful Distribution of a Controlled Substance.

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Our Birmingham criminal defense attorneys understand that as authorities look to crack down on pain clinics and so called pill mills in Birmingham and elsewhere in Alabama, those in the medical profession are at increased risk of being unfairly targeted.

“This is a doctor who was handing out pills,” said Lt. Chris George, commander of the Shelby County Drug Enforcement Task Force. That’s what doctors do. It’s a fine line. And a line often best left to medical professionals than to narcotics detectives.

The Drug Enforcement Task Force started investigating this case back in December of 2010.  Investigators claimed to have determine that the doctor was not operating his clinic in accordance to the rules set by the DEA and violated many state statutes under the Code of Alabama.

He was supposedly running an opiate treatment clinic in Chelsea.  He is being held on a $300,000 bond in the Shelby County Jail.  A grand jury indicted the doctor after hearing his case earlier this week, according to the Shelby County Reporter.

“Prescription drug diversion is extremely profitable and unfortunately costly to those who become addicted to prescriptions drugs,” said drug task force commander Lt. Chris George. “This clinic was being used to facilitate the distribution of some very addictive controlled drugs.  I am thankful for the work of our investigators as well as the work conducted by the DEA and Board of Pharmacy.”

If you’re currently facing charges for operating a pain clinic or a pill mill, it is critical for you to speak with an experienced attorney immediately as such charges can drastically affect the life and practice of an innocent doctor. Unfortunately, medical professionals are often unfamiliar with the legal system and believe they can talk their way out of trouble.

You have the right to remain silent. Exercise it.

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