Birmingham Criminal Defense Lawyer Update: Lawrence County, AL, Establishes Sex Crimes Special Victims Unit (SVU)

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Alabama’s Lawrence County has created a special victims unit (SVU) to specifically handle sex crimes in the area. Police regularly arrest individuals charged with criminal sexual behavior. Some, if not many, of these people are innocent. In Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, Huntsville, Mobile and all other municipalities throughout Alabama, everyone is considered innocent of a crime until proven guilty by a jury of their peers.

As a Birmingham criminal defense attorney, my job is to defend accused sex offenders in court. The latest move by law enforcement will most likely bring more arrests and indictments upon residents and other individuals in Lawrence County. According to reports, this new SVU department is expected to enhance the law enforcement activities of the Lawrence County Sheriffs Department.

In an effort to put more emphasis on sex crimes and crimes against children, the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs is financing the new special victims unit. According to news reports, the unit will have two specialized investigators, both charged with investigating crimes and working within the local school system and also promoting a variety of community awareness programs.

Crimes and other areas of law enforcement to be handled by the new unit, which will be part of the department’s criminal investigations division, will include domestic violence, sexual crimes and child abuse. There will be two specially trained investigators working in the unit. According to reports, the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department has always had a “heavy volume” of sexual crimes and crimes against children, which is one of the reasons for the county forming this new unit.

The sheriff’s department said that the two investigators will also register and monitor all sex offenders. These two SVU deputies have already been closely involved with investigations involving children because they are members of the Lawrence County Drug Endangered Children Program.

Special victims unit to focus on sex crimes,, November 6, 2009

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