Alabama DUI and In-Vehicle Alcohol Monitoring

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Routinely, private companies are looking to exploit opportunities to profit from drunk driving initiatives. Though new technologies and advancements can help keep drunk drivers off the road, they can also be a serious impediment to individuals convicted of a DUI. Now an Alabama company is offering computerized system. The technology will have an impact on individuals who are arrested and convicted of drunk driving.


Whether you have been charged with drunk driving or have a previous conviction, the rise of in-vehicle alcohol monitoring could impact your rights and your life. Our Birmingham drunk driving defense attorneys are experienced with protecting the rights of our clients. We are also abreast of new developments in law and technology that can impact the rights of defendants facing DUI charges and those who have had a previous conviction.

According to reports, Smart Start Inc. and McCord communications have opened up a local office in Anniston for individuals required to have alcohol monitoring systems in their vehicles. The company is now offering computerized services to ensure that those who are convicted of drunk driving comply with the law involving interlock ignition devices. A 2012 Alabama state law requires that drivers convicted of DUI with a blood alcohol of over .15 have an ignition interlock device installed in their vehicle. The ignition interlock devices are handheld devices that analyze alcohol and breath and are linked electronically to a car’s ignition system. Law enforcement officers claim that the law is difficult to enforce because devices are not available in all areas of the state. The new center offers installations, calibrations, and training services for individuals who have court ordered “ignition interlock alcohol monitoring systems.”

Throughout Alabama and nationwide, laws require interlock ignition devices for drivers who have been convicted of DUI. Apparently, there is a wide market for the use of such interlock device systems, especially in some rural areas where it can be difficult to have the systems installed and maintained. For advocates of the system, an interlock ignition device can keep repeat drunk drivers off the road. Critics maintain that the law is harsh and can be a significant inconvenience and cost to those convicted of drunk driving.

If you have recently been arrested and charged with drunk driving, remember that the laws against drunk drivers are harsh and penalties can be severe. In addition to the interlock ignition system requirement, convicted drunk drivers may also lose their license, spend time in jail, and be stuck with a damaging criminal record. According to the Alabama Department of Public Safety, there were 170 motor vehicle accidents in Calhoun County in 2012. Of these accidents, 101 resulted in injuries. Drivers involved with alcohol related accidents and injuries can face even more severe fines and penalties.

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