Alabama Criminal Defense: Meth, Marijuana, and Moonshine

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After receiving a report of a possible meth lab, the Baldwin County Drug Task Force stumbled upon 2 local residents (allegedly) injecting methamphetamine in their Rabun home, according to Alabama Live.  They’re facing numerous Alabama drug charges, including charges of first-degree manufacture of a controlled substance, possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia.  One was released on a $10,500 bail, the other is still sitting in the Baldwin County Corrections Center with a $31,000 tag.

A third Alabama man was recently apprehended after allegedly being caught with several bags of marijuana.  He is currently facing charges of trafficking marijuana, marijuana possession, and carrying a pistol without a permit, also reports Alabama Live. His total bail was set at $2,931 as he had outstanding warrants for various traffic violations.

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Our Birmingham criminal defense attorneys urge you to contact an attorney immediately if you’re facing drug charges in the state of Alabama.   Probable cause for the searches will certainly be a reason for challenging these cases. When it can be shown that law enforcement acted inappropriately, or without probable cause, in searching your home, vehicle or person, the resulting evidence can be thrown out of court. In such cases, the resulting criminal charges are often reduced or dismissed.

Receipt of a controlled substance or unlawful possession is the most commonly charged narcotics violation in Alabama.  The federal or state government may list any substance as a controlled substance, including drugs that are not accompanied by a valid prescription.  Penalties can change drastically depending on which drug you may have possessed and how much of it you may have possessed. Drug weight is another area in which your defense attorney may challenge your criminal case.

Narcotics aren’t the only illegal substances that will get you in trouble either. There’s always good old moonshine.  Rogersville Police Chief stumbled upon a homemade whiskey still set up in a workshop behind a resident’s house.  Officers reportedly found small amounts of finished moonshine in the workshop, along with more than 25 gallons of mash that was still fermenting.  The alleged whiskey mill operator was taken to the Lauderdale County Detention Center and later released on a $1,000 bail, according to the Daily Reporter.

While drug charges can cover a wide variety of substances and come with variety of possible penalties upon conviction, it is important in all cases to seek qualified legal representation. A drug conviction can have a lasting impact on your life and may even influence your ability to get a job, work in certain professions or join the military.

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