What To Do If Arrested In Birmingham

Being arrested is often an overwhelming process. Many individuals are too worried by what the immediate future may hold to think about the best way to respond to an arrest. Individuals who are arrested in Birmingham should highly consider retaining the services of an experienced Birmingham criminal defense attorney as soon as possible to make sure that no steps are taken that inadvertently weaken any potential defenses. In addition to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney, there are also some other important pieces of advice that individuals in Birmingham must remember to follow after an arrest has occurred.

Treat The Arresting Officers Respectfully

While being arrested can certainly be frustrating, individuals must still treat arresting officers with a substantial amount of respect. Even if an arresting officer violates an individual's rights, an individual should still treat the officer in a courteous manner to avoid making a bad situation even worse. Individuals must also avoid resisting arrest because this type of charge can increase the potential penalties faced by an individual. If arresting officers violate an individual's rights in any way, individuals should instead take note of the treatment so that this behavior can be reported to an attorney.

Avoid Granting The Police The Right To Search Anything

The Fourth Amendment grants individuals the right against unreasonable searches and seizures. Individuals must avoid granting the police permission to search anything. Frequently, the police will attempt to search an individual's person or the vicinity of the area where the individual was located at the time of arrest for evidence that can then be used to deny the individual's rights.

It Is Essential To Remain Silent After An Arrest

When individuals are given the Miranda Rights during an arrest, individuals are reminded that they have the right to remain silent. Individuals are urged to remain silent after an arrest. Individuals should not speak to the law enforcement without an attorney because law enforcement will use any statements made by an individual against the individual. Individuals should also avoid discussing the crime with any other individuals. Subsequently, individuals who are placed under arrest should avoid believing anything that law enforcement says because law enforcement is allowed to distort things in order to obtain information from an arrest individual. Individuals should take particular care to not discuss matters with anyone else while in jail because many of these individuals are not trustworthy.  

Individuals Should Assert The Right To Legal Counsel

It merits saying twice, individuals should obtain the services of an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Individuals must absolutely avoid taking part in any type of interrogation without an attorney present to make sure that an individual does not say anything that can later be used against them.

How An Experienced Birmingham Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help

If you are arrested in Birmingham or the surrounding area, one of the wisest ideas in deciding how to respond to the arrest is to retain the services of a top Birmingham criminal defense attorney who knows how to begin crafting the strongest potential defense to respond to a charge. Contact Eversole Law LLC today towards ensuring that your case resolves in the best possible manner.

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