Theft Crimes

There are several different laws in Alabama that prohibit stealing -- taking another person's property:

  • Theft is knowingly obtaining control of another person's property or services, with the intent to deprive the rightful owner of that property or avoid paying for services. Theft is also likely to be charged when there's embezzlement or certain types of fraud.
  • Extortion, a form of theft, is knowingly obtaining control over someone else's property by threats.
  • Robbery is theft by use of force or threats. There are three degrees of robbery; penalties rise if a deadly weapon was used, someone was physically harmed or there was more than one alleged robber.
  • Burglary is illegally entering (or remaining in) a building with the intent to commit any crime -- not just theft. Burglary of a home or other dwelling involving harm to a victim will always be charged as first-degree burglary.

In addition, Alabamans may be charged with theft-related crimes like charitable fraud, criminal trespass or receiving stolen property.

Penalties for theft-related crimes are generally graduated, with the charge depending on the value of the property or money stolen; whether anyone was hurt during the crime; and whether a deadly weapon was used. First-degree burglary and first-degree robbery are Class A felonies because they involve actual or potential harm to others; they carry 10 to 20 years to life, depending on whether a deadly weapon was involved. First-degree theft is a Class B felony carrying two to 20 years in prison. Misdemeanor crimes like shoplifting may draw probation or community service, especially if the accused is a juvenile.

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