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Talladega, Alabama has a population of 15,000 residents and is located about 50 miles east of Birmingham. It is home to the Talladega Superspeedway and the International Motorsports Hall of Fame.

Talladega Criminal Defense Attorney Steven Eversole and Eversole Law LLC provide a wide range of legal services to Talladega residents. For years, Attorney Eversole has dedicated a substantial portion of his legal practice to the defense of residents facing all types of criminal charges, including drunk driving charges, drug possession, drug sales, homicide and manslaughter, burglary and robbery charges, assault, domestic violence, probation violations and juvenile crimes.

Talladega Criminal Charges

Homicide: 2
Rape: 20
Robbery: 32
Assault: 174
Burglary: 889
Theft: 2,008
Auto Theft: 186

Source: Alabama Criminal Justice information center, 2010 report.

As a veteran defense lawyer handling drug charges in Talladega, attorney Eversole knows the stress and embarrassment that comes with being busted. Alabama's drug laws remain quite severe – mandatory minimum sentencing can mean years or even decades behind bars. Your previous criminal record, the weight of the drugs, what type of drugs are involved, and whether possession or sale is alleged will all play a role in the type of charges you face and the potential legal consequences. In cases where a juvenile is involved or where the drug charge occurred near a school or other area protected by law, the potential penalties may be particularly severe.

However, an experienced defense attorney can make a number of moves on your behalf. Challenging evidence, including the admissibility of items seized during a search, can result in the reduction or dismissal of the charges. Aggressively fighting the assertion that drugs were for sale is another defense. In other cases, fighting for treatment or alternative sentencing measures may be in a client's best interest.

When it comes to teenagers, Talladega Juvenile Defense Attorney Stephen Eversole believes youthful offenders deserve experienced legal representation. Parents should not send them into court unrepresented – should not make them “face the music” or “learn a lesson.” In many cases, juvenile criminal charges will have consequences well into adulthood, and may prevent a teen from getting into college, joining the military or obtaining certain types of financial aid.

Theft crimes – whether robbery, burglary, car theft or shoplifting – can also be charged many ways. Such charges can often be successfully defended against or lesser penalties secured by a defense attorney who understands the law and knows how to negotiate for lesser charges. In many cases, where a defendant was not caught in the act and does not give a statement – the state may have a circumstantial case that will not withstand a strong defense.

Like theft crimes – assault and domestic violence charges in Talladega can be charged a number of different ways, depending on a defendant's criminal record, whether or not a weapon was used, and the extent of the alleged victim's injuries. As a veteran Talladega domestic violence defense attorney, Steven Eversole knows such charges are frequently filed based on the statements of the alleged victim – with little or no evidence. The state can charge you with whatever it wants. What matters most is what you are convicted of in court. If you are facing misdemeanor or felony charges in Talladega, contact Eversole Law LLC today for a confidential consultation to discuss your rights.

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