Supervised Probation for Drug Offenses

Law in the state of Alabama permits the imposition of a probation period in response to certain criminal cases. Alabama has one of the highest incarceration rates in the United States, which means that Alabama uses probation less frequently than other states. Among the several types of probation types used in the state of Alabama, criminal offenders sometimes serve a supervised probation which requires regular contact with a probation officer. A Birmingham criminal defense attorney can help explain your rights and options when facing this situation. 

Eligibility For Supervised Probation

Unlike parole, supervised probation is available to some individuals before they have served any amount of time in prison for an offense. There are several factors that determine whether an individual is eligible for supervised probation including whether the individual has a prior criminal record and the severity of the offense for which the individual is charged. The power in determining whether an individual is eligible for probation rests within the discretion of the judge. If the judge grants probation, a probation officer must then provide the court with a pre-sentence investigation report before sentencing. The probation officer is also responsible for providing an individual with information regarding the terms of probation and the charges that an individual will face for violation of these terms.

Involvement In Supervised Probation - Birmingham, AL

Supervised probation allows individuals to avoid time in prison. In addition to attending periodic scheduled meetings with a probation officer, individuals who participate in supervised probation are monitored in regards to the individual's employment and ability to meet other requirements of the sentence. The probation officer strives to help the individual adapt and live a lawful life. Individuals under supervised probation are often required to either attend school, work a job, or pursue employment opportunities. In the state of Alabama, probation often lasts a period of years, during which time the court can issue an arrest warrant if the state determines that an individual has violated any of the terms of probation.

The Requirements Of The Program in Birmingham

The requirements that an individual must follow during supervised probation vary between cases. Often times, these requirements include stipulations that an individual must avoid associating with known criminals, not commit any crimes, be tested periodically for drugs and alcohol, and meet a curfew. Individuals are also often required to take part in a drug or alcohol rehabilitation program and might be required to submit to periodic searches. Often times, restrictions are placed on travel and an individual is not allowed to travel outside the state of Alabama without first obtaining approval from their probation officer. Violation of any probation requirement often means that individuals are sent to prison.  

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