Small Scale Narcotics Sales

Even when drug sales are small-scale, the State of Alabama and the United States Government both take them very seriously. Both governments mandate long prison sentences for sales alone, along with high fines, confiscation of property and prohibitions on alternative sentencing. In Alabama, even attempting to sell or buy drugs can also get your driver's license revoked. And because selling even a small amount of it is a felony in both jurisdictions, those convicted become convicted felons with a serious criminal record that can haunt them for the rest of their lives. If you've been charged with selling narcotics or any related crime, you need help from a skilled criminal defense attorney like Steven Eversole.

Based in Birmingham, Steven Eversole is a criminal defense lawyer who represents clients throughout the State of Alabama. He defends all federal and state narcotics sales charges and related charges, such as:

Federal and State Narcotics Sales Charges

In the State of Alabama, you can be charged with unlawful distribution if you sell, give away, deliver, furnish or distribute any illegal drug. However, you can be charged with trafficking instead if the drug is over a certain amount. That amount changes with each drug, but for example, you cannot be charged with trafficking if you sold less than 2.2 pounds of marijuana, 28 grams of cocaine or methamphetamine or four grams of heroin. The penalty for unlawful distribution is two to 20 years in prison, plus fines and other punishments.

Under federal law, drug sales are covered by laws against the distribution or dispensing of illegal drugs within the United States. Like many other federal laws, these are graduated laws, with more severe penalties for crimes involving larger amounts of drugs or those considered more serious. Depending on the drug and the amount, you could draw just a few years up to life in federal prison. Under federal law, you may also be fined millions of dollars; have your property confiscated; become ineligible for federal benefits and more.

It's important to realize that both the U.S. and Alabama governments punish attempted or planned drug sales as if they were completed. That is, if you make a deal with an informant or a law enforcement officer, you can be charged with selling narcotics even if no money changed hands or you didn't possess drugs. Similarly, a conspiracy -- which is simply agreeing with one or more people -- to sell drugs gets the same sentence as actually selling them.

Aggressive Drug Sales Defense

Even if you're only charged with selling a small amount of drugs, you can still face disproportionately large punishments, thanks to our nation's hysterical approach to narcotics crimes. If you're charged with selling drugs in Alabama, it's vital that you protect your rights by hiring a skilled criminal defense attorney like Steven Eversole as soon as possible. Law enforcement officers aren't sympathetic to drug defendants; anything you say to them can be used against you later. Don't say a single word until Steven Eversole is by your side.

Because drug sales cases can be very high-profile or even career-making, officers don't always take as much care as they should when building a case. They might use warrantless searches, entrapment or physical violence to get the evidence they need to charge you. Steven Eversole combs through every drug case he takes to look for these and other mistakes, flaws and violations of clients' civil rights. He will always aggressively challenge them, because a successful challenge can destroy the case against you, forcing prosecutors to let you go or reduce your charges significantly.

If that's not possible in your case, Steven Eversole can mount a variety of defenses designed to destroy or cast doubt on the evidence against you. Frequently, drug crimes turn on your intent and your knowledge, which aren't always easy to prove. If a plea bargain is most appropriate, he will advocate strongly for drug court, alternative sentencing and reduced charges that may better fit the crime. And because he offers free initial consultations, there's never any risk in meeting with him to discuss your options, your rights and the likely outcomes of your case.

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