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Shelby County, Alabama is named for Isaac Shelby, a Revolutionary War hero and the first governor of Kentucky. The county was formed by the Alabama Territorial General Assembly in 1818 and is the geographic center of the state. Shelby County is one of the wealthiest counties in Alabama, is part of the Birmingham metropolitan area, and also includes the cities of Montevallo, Pelham, and Childersburg. Shelby County is home to almost 200,000 Alabamians and continues to grow in population, in no small part due to its excellent school system and proximity to Birmingham, Alabama's largest city.

Whether you have already been arrested, or think you may be visited by the police, it is a good idea to speak with a legal professional. The time before the state files criminal charges can be used by your attorney to gather information and formulate a defense plan to preserve your rights. During a preliminary investigation, the authorities will be speaking with witnesses and victims to try to marshal the evidence they need to get a conviction, so you want a lawyer doing the same thing for you. The District Attorney (DA) is employed by the state of Alabama to convict the people who are accused of crimes and put them in jail. You want a dedicated and experienced attorney who can combat the DA and make sure that your side of the story is heard at trial. A Shelby County criminal defense lawyer ensures that you are able to defend yourself in the most expedient and persuasive manner possible, so that you can move past the incident and get on with your life.

Eversole Law LLC prides itself on its reputation as a criminal defense firm that is out to protect the rights of all Alabamians. Our pursuit of that goal has allowed us to help clients charged with all manner of crimes – from drug offenses to theft crimes. Eversole Law's attorneys believe in aggressive representation and personalized client services, and we want to provide you with those same services. We know how serious criminal proceedings are, and because of that knowledge we are determined to protect the rights of every client to the fullest extent that Alabama's laws allow.

The Eversole Law office is located at 850 Corporate Parkway, Suite 114 in Birmingham and is easily accessible from Shelby County. From I-65, take exit 250 onto I-459 North towards Atlanta. Next take 19 onto US-280 East and turn right onto Corporate Parkway. You will see our office on the right.

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