Robbery And Burglary

Shelby County Robbery And Burglary Charges

Many individuals are confused about the differences between robbery and burglary. While the two charges are frequently associated together, burglary and robbery are different crimes.

Alabama Theft Charges

Theft occurs when an individual takes a piece of property that does not belong to the individual. Theft does not involve contact between the victim and the individual who commits the crime. There are a variety of small thefts that constitute theft: pick-pocketing, shoplifting, stealing a car, writing a bad check, or wrongfully obtaining public assistance.

Based on the value of property that is stolen, individuals why are charged with committing theft can face either a prison sentence or a fine.

There are some available defenses regarding theft charges. One common defense is that an individual cannot be charged with the theft actually owned the item that was stolen. In some cases, intoxication is a valid defense to a theft charge. In accordance with a charge of drunkenness, an individual can claim that the individual was acting under the influence of alcohol and did not intend to steal property belonging to another.

A talented criminal defense lawyer will know how to review a case to discover any potential weakness in a case. A skilled lawyer might also be successfully argue that a burglary charge should be reduced to a minor misdemeanor, which result in less substantial punishment.

Alabama Robbery Charges

Robbery occurs when a person takes property is taken directly from a property owner. The elements of personal contact and force are an essential part of a robbery.

Robbery charges can result in substantial fines or prison. The severity of the punishments that are faced by an individual is greatly determined by the amount of property that an individual takes from a property owner. Generally, the more valuable the property the harsher the punishments that result from a robbery charge. Also, robbery charges tend to result in more substantial punishments than burglary charges in the state of Alabama.

Some of the most common defenses to robbery charge include duress, involuntary intoxication, and arguing that the defendant's behavior did not even amount to a crime because without the required intent an individual's actions do not satisfy the requirements for a burglary.

Because robbery requires evidence of violence or the threat of violence, competent legal counsel will know how to investigate the prosecution's accounts to expose any discrepancies that might exist in the case.

Armed Robbery in the State of Alabama

Special note should be made of robbery that involves the use or threat of a deadly weapon, which is one of the most substantial crimes of which a person can be accused of committing. In accordance with law in the state of Alabama, a person may be charged with first degree robbery if the individual causes serious physical injury to another. A conviction of armed robbery can result in ten years to life in prison and up to $60,000 in fines. These penalties can be increased if an individual has previous felony convictions.

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