Prescription Fraud

Prescription Fraud Charges In Jefferson County

The National Health Care Anti-Fraud Association estimates that there are tens of billions of dollars lost each year due to health care fraud. Prescription drugs are extremely effective at managing pain. These drugs, however, can also be quite difficult to stop taking after a person has recovered from a medical condition. As a result of the highly addictive nature of prescription drugs, people sometimes try to do anything possible to obtain more prescription pain medication. Often times, people who are charged with obtaining prescription medication by fraud lack prior criminal records and do not understand the substantial amount of trouble that could result from such a charge. In these types of situations, many people's minds are also distorted by the medication, which can make the situation even more complicated. Fortunately, individuals who commit prescription fraud in the Shelby County area can depend on experienced criminal defense lawyers who can help fight against these charges. There is also some important information that individuals facing prescription fraud charges must understand, which include the following details.

How Prescription Fraud Charges Are Targeted

Some of the most common types of medications that result in prescription fraud charges are darvocet, dilaudid, lorcet, oxycontin, morphine, percoet, soma, valium, vicodin, and xanax.

Many prescription fraud cases originate with an arrest by the local police and involve an individual who tried to obtain prescription medication through the use of a fake prescription. In situations where it appears that an individual is connected to a larger network of prescription fraud users then it is likely that federal law enforcement will become involved.

Prescription drug users are not the only group against whom prescription drug charges are filed. These medical professionals are in the unique position of possessing an in-depth understanding of the prescription pill industry and various details about the inner workings of the business. Medical providers who assist users in obtaining fraudulent prescription medication can also face prescription fraud charges.

Types Of Prescription Fraud Charges In Shelby County

There are several common types of prescription fraud charges in the state of Alabama, which include the following:

  • Altering Prescription. Individuals who exercise this type of prescription fraud alter prescriptions to change the type or dose of medication that is prescribed.
  • Calling In Prescriptions. This method of prescription pill fraud involve impersonating a physician or medical professional and ordering a prescription at a local pharmacy.
  • Forging Prescriptions. These types of crimes involve physically forging prescription pill forms, which frequently require high copy printers.
  • Theft Of Prescription Pads. Individuals sometimes steal prescription pads from medical staff and later attempt to fill out these prescription pads in order to obtain medication.

The Penalties Of Shelby County Prescription Fraud Charges

Based on the amount of prescription drugs with which an individual is found to possess, the resulting punishment can include a period of time in prison and/or a significant fine.

Prescription fraud charges sometimes  include charges for federal charges for conspiracy to distribute controlled substances. Resulting federal conspiracy charges do not carry mandatory minimums, but federal courts tend to assign long prison sentences when the charges involve a substantial amount of prescription pills. In situations where a large number of pills were distributed, federal courts frequently assign prison sentences of ten years or longer in duration.

How An Experienced Shelby County Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help

If you face prescription fraud charges, do not hesitate to obtain the services of an experienced criminal defense attorney. By retaining experienced Shelby County legal counsel, you can significantly increase the chances of obtaining a favorable case result. Contact Eversole Law Firm today for a free consultation of your prescription fraud case.

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