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Located in St Claire County, Alabama, Pell City has a population of about 13,000. Located 35 miles east of Birmingham on the shores of Logan Martin Lake, the city is surrounded by Wattsville, Cropwell, Seddon, and Chula Vista.

Pell City Criminal Defense Attorney Steven Eversole has forged his career fighting for the rights of clients facing criminal charges in Pell City and the surrounding area, including drug charges, sex crimes, theft, robbery, burglary, shoplifting, assault, domestic violence, and juvenile charges.

Pell City Criminal Charges

Rape: 5
Robbery: 4
Assault: 32
Burglary: 63
Theft: 392
Auto Theft: 22

Source: Alabama Criminal Justice information center, 2010 report.

Those facing drug charges in Pell City often need help navigating the legal system. Help is available for those who know where to look. Those who don't could face an endless parade of legal problems, jail or prison time, lengthy sentences of probation, fines and court costs they will never be able to pay, and a permanent criminal record. There are states with enlightened drug laws – 16 have even made medical marijuana legal. Many others have decriminalized its possession. Alabama is not one of them.

Alabama drug laws still include mandatory minimum sentences, which can result in years or decades behind bars. An experienced Pell City drug crimes defense lawyer can often do his best work before charges are filed, or by fighting how a defendant was charged, or by exploring treatment or alternative sentencing options with prosecutors. More than with many other types of crimes, there are options on the table. But defending clients against drug charge is a complex process that requires plenty of experience to secure the best possible deal and to fight to keep a conviction off a client's permanent record.

Theft charges in Pell City and elsewhere in Alabama are the most commonly filed criminal charges. Robbery, burglary, theft, auto theft and shoplifting are common. In other cases, fraud, embezzlement or white collar crime may be involved. Cyber crime and identify theft have also grown more common in recent years. Like drug charges, the penalties a defendant faces have much to do with how he or she is charged. Allegations of the use of a weapon, or of force or the threat of force, can increase criminal penalties. As can the dollar value of what was stolen. With theft charges, defendants are rarely caught in the act. When detectives rely on search warrants, eyewitness testimony, or the possession of stolen items to prove theft or burglary, an experienced Pell City theft defense lawyer can often succeed in getting the charges reduced or dismissed.

Whether you are facing a drug charge, theft charge or sex crime, speaking with authorities is almost always a mistake. When dealing with allegations of a sex crime – whether rape, sexual assault, inappropriate sexual contact with a minor, or allegations involving child pornography – authorities often use a defendant's embarrassment to get a statement or a confession. Authorities do not have the ability to make a deal on your behalf with prosecutors – nor are they typically interested in doing so. It's their job to gather evidence of your guilt. When it comes to your future, trust your attorney.

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