Oxycodone Charges

Oxycodone Charges In Jefferson County

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) reports that 81% of the world's supply of oxycodone is consumed in the United States. Unfortunately, Oxycodone is sometimes used in an illegal manner. Oxycodone is a strong painkiller that comes with the downside of being both highly addictive and leading to drug abuse. In Jefferson County and the rest of the state of Alabama, Oxycodone is illegally used and distributed. Individuals who are found possessing Oxycodone can face substantial penalties if convicted including time in prison, substantial fines, and the accompanying social stigma. Due to the strict punishments attached to Oxycodone charges in Jefferson County, individuals should just also understand some of the vital elements concerning Oxycodone charges in the state of Alabama.

The Nature Of Oxycodone

Used in a clinical setting since 1916, Oxycodone is prescribed to help individuals manage moderate to moderately severe pain. In treating pain, Oxycodone has been found to be a particularly helpful medication.

Unfortunately, Oxycodone has several downsides for patients. Oxycodone is a particularly addictive drug that is notoriously difficult for many individuals to continue using. Available only by prescription, Oxycontin is produced from particular poppy plants and works in a manner similar to other opiates.

There are a variety of drugs that are produced from Oxycodone including OxyContin, Percodan, and Percocet.

In the state of Alabama, Oxycodone is classified a Schedule II drug. Schedule II drugs are drugs that serve a legitimate medical purpose but are highly addictive and frequently abused.

Charges In Jefferson County Involving Oxycontin

There are a variety of potential charges that individuals can face in the state of Alabama involving Oxycodone which involve the following:

  • Illegal Oxycontin Possession. Individuals who are found to possess Oxycodone without a valid prescription can face illegal possession charges
  • Oxycodone Distribution. Individuals who illegally distribute Oxycodone to others in exchange for services or money can face potential charges.
  • Prescription Fraud. Individuals who use fraudulent methods to obtain Oxycodone often end up facing charges from law enforcement.

Punishments For Oxycodone Possession in Jefferson County

There are various factors that can influence exactly how Oxycodone possession is punished which include where the possession occurred, whether the charged individual has a prior drug record, or if a minor was involved in the crime. An experienced Jefferson county criminal defense attorney who will know how to take into consideration each of these elements when crafting a strong defense to an Oxycodone charge.

Defenses To Oxycodone Charges In Jefferson County

There are a few particular ways that individuals can defend against an Oxycodone charge in the Jefferson County, which include the following:

  • Lack of Knowledge. If an individual can argue that the individual was not aware that Oxycodone was in the individual's possession then an individual might able to successfully defend against an Oxycodone charge.
  • Prescription Defense. Sometimes individuals are arrested for Oxycodone possession not because the individual lacks a valid Oxycodone prescription but because this individual cannot readily produce document of a prescription. In these cases individuals are able to defend against Oxycodone charges by demonstrating that the individual had a valid Oxycodone prescription.

How An Experienced Jefferson County Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help

A skilled Jefferson County criminal defense attorney can help clients craft the best potential legal defense to stay out of jail and fight for the best outcome including the least severe punishments possible. Contact Eversole Law Offices, where our attorneys have the skill and talent to zealously fight against potential Oxycodone charges.

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