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Opelika, Alabama is the county seat of Alabama. Located in the east central area of the state, the city has a population of about 26,000. The area began experiencing rapid growth when the railroad connected it to Atlanta, Georgia in 1851. The railroad was also the only connection between New Orleans and the Eastern Seaboard and was a primary transport route for cotton and other goods being shipped north.

Opelika Criminal Defense Attorney Steven Eversole represents clients facing criminal charges throughout the Opelika area, including Tuskegee and Auburn. Eversole Law LLC provides a full range of legal services to clients facing charges of drunk driving, drug possession, drug sales, robbery, burglary, theft, assault, domestic violence, homicide, manslaughter and other serious misdemeanor and felony allegations, including sex crimes and juvenile crimes.

Opelika Criminal Charges

Lee County

Homicides: 7
Rape: 31
Robbery: 57
Assault: 211
Burglary: 1,144
Theft: 3,202

Sex crimes are particularly difficult for many defendants and can be particularly complex. Law enforcement will frequently try to embarrass a defendant into making a statement. These cases frequently come down to the statements of the defendant and the victim. Without such evidence, charges may not even be filed or may be quickly dismissed once an experienced attorney is on the case. You will not talk yourself out of charges. You have the right to remain silent – use it.

Property crimes are the most common charges filed in Opelika. Whether robbery, burglary, auto theft, fraud, theft or shoplifting, a convicted defendant will face serious legal and social consequences. Jail time, probation, fines and court costs, and restitution are common. And job loss or the inability to obtain employment is a frequent issue for those with theft convictions. However, an Opelika theft defense lawyer can frequently succeed in getting such charges reduced or dismissed. Again, not speaking to law enforcement and not providing any statements is typically in your best interest. Often such charges come as a result of law enforcement finding stolen goods. Let them make whatever conclusions they want. The state can charge you with just about anything. All that matters is what you are convicted of in a court of law.

Likewise, drug charges in Opelika can lead to serious criminal charges. However, a Lee County defense attorney can challenge weight, challenge the manner in which you have been charged, and seek sentences of diversion or treatment. In other cases, a reduction or dismissal of the charges may be won through motions to dismiss and motions to suppress evidence. Like a theft charge, having a drug charge on your permanent criminal record comes with a social stigma that can exact a price for years to come. Difficulty finding employment and even problems renting an apartment are frequently reported.

If you are facing serious misdemeanor or felony charges in Opelika, contact Eversole Law LLC for a free and confidential appointment to discuss your rights.

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