While murder is rare in the state of Alabama, murder charges still exist. The Death Penalty Information Center reports reveal that in 2014 there were 5.7 murders out of 100,000 people in the state of Alabama. This number is a noticeable decrease from the state's 7.2 people murdered out of 100,000 in 2013. Many of these murders result in charges being filed against other individuals. When individuals in Alabama face murder charges the potential consequences can be substantial including a substantial trial length, a long prison sentence, and in some cases even execution. It is imperative that individuals in Alabama who face murder charges obtain the legal counsel of an experienced criminal defense attorney. There are some basic pieces of information about murder charges of which individuals in the state of Alabama should be aware, which include the following:

Murder Charges Are Frequently The Result of Poor Investigation

One of the most significant reasons why it is essential to retain the services of an experienced criminal defense attorney that individuals charged with murder must understand is that murder charges are frequently the end product of rushed judgment and poor investigations. A skilled defense attorney will know how to defend against this type of an investigation in order to protect the rights of a client.  

The Dangers of Hiring A Public Defender

An Alabama public defender will do the best job possible for a defendant, but these attorneys are almost always overworked, overpaid, and juggling a large case load. Entrusting this type of attorney with a murder case that can change substantially in terms of sentencing based on miniscule issues in a case often proves to be an unwise idea.

How Murder Is Classified In The State of Alabama

It is imperative for individuals who charged with murder in the state of Alabama to understand that there actually several different types of murder charges in Alabama. The most serious of these charges is capital murder, which results in either a death sentence or life without the possibility of parole. Most often, capital murder charges accompany the conviction of other charges offenses including burglary, kidnapping, and robbery. Capital murder cases actually involve two trials: a trial to determine guilt and a sentencing trial.

How An Experienced Alabama Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Help

Individuals charged with murder often fail to recognize that a skilled criminal defense attorney does more than just ensure a case reaches the best possible outcome. A good criminal defense lawyer will also do several other things including conduct parallel investigations, conduct agreement with the prosecutor's office, guard a defendant from intimidation attempts, and even demonstrate to a grand jury that the defendant is not guilty.  

If you or a loved one faces murder charges in the state of Alabama, you need an experienced and highly skilled criminal attorney who can fight to make sure that your case reaches the best potential outcome. Do not hesitate to contact the Eversole Law Offices for a free case evaluation.

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