Municipal And City Courts In Birmingham

The court system can be quite complicated and there are a variety of courts in the state of Alabama that hear different types of cases. In the city of Birmingham and the rest of the state of Alabama, Municipal Courts hear a variety of cases ranging from city ordinance violations to low level crimes including disorderly conduct and traffic violations. These Municipal Courts are able to resolve most cases without the issues progressing to higher courts. Many individuals who have cases in Municipal Court in Birmingham are often worried about the various penalties that can result from such a case, including the potential for a prison sentence, substantial fines, the occupational and educational impact of such a charge in addition to any other social stigma that will result from such a charge.

Given the unknown element of what consequences will result from cases that are heard in the Municipal Courts in and around the Birmingham area, many individuals faced with such charges find it essential to retain the talent of a top Birmingham criminal defense attorney. Individuals in Birmingham who faced with charges that will be heard in Municipal Court often benefit from understanding some basic information about the various Municipal Courts in the area. In addition to the City of Birmingham's Municipal Court, there are also several municipal courts in the surrounding area.

Alabaster Municipal Court

Located on Municipal Way, the Alabaster Municipal Court handles misdemeanor and traffic violations arising within the jurisdiction of Alabaster.

Homewood Municipal Court

The Homewood Municipal Court is located on 29th Avenue South and hears misdemeanor and traffic cases that occur within the jurisdiction of Homewood.

Alabama Municipal Court

Hoover Municipal Court is located in the Hoover Public Safety Building at 2020 Valleydale Road and has jurisdictions over violations and misdemeanors that occur within the jurisdiction of Hoover.

Mountain Brook Municipal Court

Located on Church Street in Mountain Brook, the Mountain Brook Municipal Court provides support to the judicial branches of city government in addition to offering alternative sentence monitoring, case docketing, case management, and court fine collection. The variety of cases handled by Mountain Brook Municipal Court include city ordinance violations and misdemeanor criminal cases that occur within the Jurisdiction of the Mountain Brook Police Department. The Mountain Brook Court hears case that include up to six thousand dollars in fine and jail sentences that range up to one year in length.

Pelham Municipal Court

Located on Philip Davis Street, the Municipal Court of Pelham hears criminal misdemeanors, motor vehicle and traffic violations, and municipal ordinance violations that occur within the jurisdiction of Pelham.

Vestavia Hills Municipal Court

The Municipal Court of Vestavia Hills is located on Montgomery Highway in Vestavia. This Court has jurisdiction of several types of cases that occur in Vestavia Hills including misdemeanor cases, city ordinance and traffic violations. Vestavia Hills also offers a driving school for select motor vehicle operators including many individuals who receive a driving ticket for the first time in five years.

How A Skilled Birmingham Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help

Many individuals who face a case in municipal or city court in the state of Alabama benefit from obtaining the legal services of a top Birmingham criminal defense attorney. At Eversole Law Office, our legal counsel has substantial experience representing other clients who have faced similar situations.

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