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Mountain Brook, Alabama is located in Jefferson County and has a population of about 21,000. A suburb of Birmingham, the affluent city has appeared on several lists of the nation's wealthiest. The area is subdivided into English Village, Mountain Brook Village and Crestline Village.

Mountain Brook Criminal Defense Attorney Steven Eversole knows what it takes to defend the rights of a client in the courtroom, in the negotiating room and in the court of public opinion. The team at Eversole Law LLC goes to work immediately for each client the firm accepts the responsibility of representing.

Fraud charges in Mountain Brook and the number of other white collar criminal charges have increased since the beginning of the Great Recession. Wire fraud, investment fraud, mortgage fraud and bank fraud are just a few of the most common. Frequently, the federal government gets in on the act, which can significantly increase the potential penalty when charges are filed in federal court. Tax evasion is another way the government often looks to secure a conviction against those they believe are guilty of illegal business activities. In such cases, it is particularly vital to consult an experienced criminal defense lawyer in Mountain Brook as early as possible – even before charges are filed. The earlier you begin building your criminal defense, the better your chances of a successful outcome. Additionally, how you respond to requests from investors can go a long way toward determining whether charges are ever officially filed.

As a juvenile criminal defense lawyer in Mountain Brook, Steven Eversole is particularly dedicated to making sure our young people are afforded every opportunity and provided every protection after being charged with a crime. The trend in criminal justice is to show voters and taxpayers the state is tough on crime. Serious juvenile charges can become adult charges. And, in either case, a criminal conviction can significantly impact the rest of a teen's life. Too many parents think such charges magically disappear in adulthood. That's typically not the case. Seeking the advice and counsel of a Mountain Brook juvenile defense attorney should be your first priority when authorities have levied charges against your child.

Domestic violence and assault charges in Mountain Brook and the surrounding area can also be particularly disruptive and lead to serious legal consequences. Restraining orders can prevent you from returning home or even seeing your children. And allegations and/or convictions can negatively impact divorce, child custody and visitation proceedings. Domestic violence laws are among the most abused laws on the books. Often filed amid contentious custody or divorce proceedings, they can impact the rest of a defendant's life. You may even be barred from owning firearms, working in certain professions or obtaining certain occupational licenses.

At Eversole Law LLC we are dedicated to representing clients facing all types of criminal charges in Mountain Brook and the surrounding areas, including drug charges, sex crimes, shoplifting, solicitation of prostitution and burglary and robbery charges. Call today for a confidential consultation to discuss your rights.

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