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Montgomery, the capital of the state of Alabama, is also its second most populous city behind its neighbor city to the north, Birmingham. Montgomery became Alabama's capital in 1846 and was chosen as the inaugural capital city of the Confederate States of America in February of 1861. The city is home to more than 200,000 residents, many of whom are members of the United States Air Force, as Maxwell Air Force is located in the eastern part of town. In addition to being a political center, Montgomery also is home to many institutions of higher learning – including Alabama State University, Troy University, Faulkner University, and Huntingdon College. Montgomery also played a pivotal role in the Civil Rights Movement, as it was the site of the Montgomery Bus Boycott and several Freedom Rides.

There are many different kinds of criminal offenses under Alabama law. Assault, battery, drug offenses, and white collar crimes are just some of the prohibited activities in this state. The state can and will prosecute you for any and all criminal offenses, which is why obtaining the services of a Montgomery criminal defense attorney is so important. There are a vast number of statutes that define the permutations of criminal offenses and their penalties, and a deep understanding of how those laws are applied by the courts is needed to defend yourself to the fullest. An accomplished defense lawyer can give you the legal advice, support, and advocacy you will need to fight the criminal charge or charges levied against you.

When you retain a lawyer familiar with all aspects of the criminal justice system's procedures, judges, and prosecutors, you have a significant tactical advantage . An attorney is trained to navigate the system for the benefit of his clients, and over the years the Montgomery criminal defense lawyers at Eversole Law have honed their instincts and gained valuable experience that can help you. Our knowledge base has allowed us to leverage plea bargains for many clients that resulted in a lesser charge than what they were originally accused of. In some cases with favorable circumstances, an aggressive and professional advocate can obtain a dismissal of the criminal charges as well. Results can never be guaranteed because every case is unique, but having a adept lawyer on your side is crucial to give you the best chance for a successful resolution of your case.

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