Methamphetamine Charges

Any charge related to methamphetamines (known as meth, crystal meth, ice or speed) is very serious. In Alabama and throughout the United States, it has become popular to hit methamphetamine offenders with multiple charges and heavy sentences, allowing politicians and prosecutors to look "tough on crime." In fact, the U.S. Department of Justice named meth "the number one drug threat in Alabama" for 2007 and 2008. The State of Alabama makes it a crime not only to possess, make or sell meth, but also to possess certain items considered "precursor chemicals" or paraphernalia. If there's any evidence of violence or firearms possession, punishments can be even more severe. If you're facing meth-related charges in Alabama, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney like Steven Eversole standing by your side.

Steven Eversole represents clients in Jefferson and Shelby Counties who are charged with meth-related crimes. That includes both federal and state charges, such as:

Defend Your Rights

Because law enforcement considers meth a dangerous drug, and because some of the processes for making it can cause accidental explosions, sentences for related crimes are very harsh. In many cases, prosecutors can and will charge meth manufacturers with unlawful manufacture in the first degree, rather than the lesser second-degree manufacture charge. That's a Class A felony carrying ten years to life in prison. Prosecutors can and will charge you with additional felonies if they believe they can prove that you possessed meth or ingredients; sold methamphetamines, especially to a minor; or caused an explosion or a fire, however accidental. Because these charges can add up, they can quickly put someone in prison for more time than many violent criminals receive.

However, a skilled criminal defense lawyer like Steven Eversole can raise a variety of defenses. Frequently, in their haste to "bust" a meth operation, law enforcement officers don't follow all of the rules. Innocent bystanders may get swept up or defendants' civil rights may be ignored. After taking a new client, Steven Eversole will comb through the prosecution's case to look for any of these flaws, mistakes or rights violations, which can get your case dropped altogether or your charges lowered substantially. He will aggressively challenge violations such as:

  • Failure to read you your rights (Mirandize)
  • Ignoring a request for an attorney
  • Interrogations using violence or coercion
  • Illegal traffic stops
  • Warrantless searches or searches without probable cause

Meth Charges Defense

If there's no usable rights violation in your case, Steven Eversole can still use any sloppy evidence, or bad assumptions about intent, knowledge and possession. Intent is difficult to prove, and the mere presence of a drug in your home or car isn't necessarily possession. If a plea bargain is truly the best option, he can often argue for a drug diversion program rather than a lengthy prison sentence. If it's appropriate to take your case to trial, he is prepared to mount a thorough defense, using expert testimony, private investigators and any other suitable resources to argue for a "not guilty" verdict.

Remember, the prosecution must prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt in order to win. Even if you think there's no hope in your case, you should never plead guilty before you talk to Steven Eversole about whether that's possible in your case. He offers free consultations to potential clients, so there's never any risk in coming in to discuss your rights, your legal options and the most likely outcomes of your case.

If you or someone you case about is facing meth-related charges in Alabama, call Steven Eversole today for a free consultation, at 1-866-831-5292, or in the Birmingham area, at (205) 994-0616.


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