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Jefferson County, located in the heart of Alabama, is the state's most populous county with almost 700,000 residents. Formed in 1819 by the Alabama legislature and named for Thomas Jefferson, Jefferson County contains most of metropolitan Birmingham – Alabama's largest city and center of commerce – in addition to the communities of Bessemer, Hoover, Leeds, and many more. Long associated with the iron and steel industry, the county is now a major transportation hub home to Birmingham–Shuttlesworth International Airport and several major railways. Additionally, every major Interstate that runs through Alabama passes through Jefferson County.

Being the subject of a criminal investigation can prove to be a traumatic experience that affects your personal and work relationships. That is why it is so important to contact a Jefferson County criminal defense attorney as soon as you are arrested to get much needed advice on how to cope with the trying times ahead. While a good attorney will certainly help with the purely legal aspects of your case, he can also provide guidance on how to deal with the emotional stress that comes with the threat of a criminal conviction. Just knowing that you have a trained legal advocate in your corner can provide you with peace of mind and confidence that your rights will not be compromised.

Aside from the toll a criminal charge takes on your personal life, the prospect of a criminal conviction promises very real and very serious legal repercussions. Because you face a threat to your personal freedom, you want to make sure that your legal defense is as good as it can possibly be. A trained attorney can perform a thorough investigation to assemble all of the evidence needed to do so, and the earlier you obtain representation the better. The Alabama criminal justice system gives you the right to representation, and you should exercise that right by hiring a criminal attorney from Eversole Law.

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