Felonies In Jefferson County

Individuals in Jefferson County and the rest of the state of Alabama who face felonies can end up facing a variety of potential negative consequences. One potential result is that individuals might end up having to spend a substantial amount of time in prison. Given the large number of potential negative consequences that can result from the commission of a felony, many individuals in Alabama who face felony charges benefit from obtaining the services of experienced legal counsel. Individuals also benefit from understanding some of the key details about felony charges in the Jefferson County and the rest of Alabama.

The Difference Between Felonies And Misdemeanors in Alabama

Felonies require individuals to serve greater than one year in prison. There are certain offenses which can be charged as either misdemeanor or felonies dependent upon the facts of the day. Some of the factors that can be decisive in how an offense is charged is the value of property, whether an individual was hurt or killed, if a firearm was part of a crime, the quantity of drugs involved in the crime, and the number of previous arrested that an individual has had.

Alabama Felony Classifications

The state of Alabama divides felonies into three separate categories: Class A, Class B, and Class C felonies. Class A felonies contain the offenses that result in the most substantial crimes, while Class B and Class C felonies result in less substantial penalties.

It might also be helpful to understand some of the most common crimes in each felony category: Class A felonies include arson, murder, and rape; Class B felonies include first-degree assault and robbery; Class C felonies include criminally negligent homicide, interfering with custody rights, and stalking.

Prison Sentences for Felonies in Alabama

The length of prison that an individual is sentenced to depends substantially on what felony class for the offense that the individual was convicted.

The breakdown per felony class is as follows: individuals convicted of a Class C felony are sentenced to a minimum of one year and a day in prison to a maximum sentence of ten years, individuals who are convicted of a Class B felony are sentenced to a minimum of two years in prison and a maximum sentence of twenty years, individuals who are sentenced to Class A felonies face a minimum of ten years to a maximum of ninety years or life in prison.

Fines For Alabama Felonies

Individuals who are charged with felonies in the state of Alabama can also face potential fines. The amount of fines is dependent upon the classification of the felony for which an individual is charged. These fine breakdowns are as follows: individuals who are sentenced to Class A felonies are fined not more than $60,000; individuals who sentenced to Class B felonies are fined not more than $30,000; and individuals who sentenced to Class C felonies are fined not more than $15.000.  

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