Federal Drug Crimes

If you're facing federal drug charges, the chances are good that you're facing some pretty serious penalties. The federal government may choose to file charges in any Alabama drug case, but it's more likely to if law enforcement believes there's a large-scale drug operation, state or national borders were crossed, organized crime is involved, or there's significant firearms and violence. If the prosecution arises after a long-term investigation, it's also likely to be a federal case.

Steven Eversole defends clients charged with federal drug crimes in the U.S. District Courts for the Northern, Middle and Southern Districts of Alabama. If necessary, he is willing and able to take your case to the Eleventh U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. Serious federal charges he defends include:

  • Large-scale possession and possession with intent to distribute
  • Manufacturing or cultivation, including cultivation on federal property
  • Sales, especially large-scale sales
  • Smuggling, trafficking, importing or exporting a controlled substance
  • Maintaining a continued criminal enterprise
  • Investing illicit drug profits in interstate commerce
  • Conspiracy to do any of these things
  • RICO (Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations) charges -- organized crime

Penalties for Federal Drug Crimes

Federal drug charges carry extremely long prison sentences. A first offense for trafficking the lowest amounts of cocaine, heroin or meth draws five to 40 years in prison; if there was death or serious injury, the sentence is 20 years to life. Higher amounts of drugs and repeat offenses draw even more prison time. Those convicted also face confiscation of property the government believes is related to the drug crime, and millions of dollars in fines.

If law enforcement believes organized crime of any kind was behind the crime, they may stack on charges for racketeering (RICO), which can substantially increase the sentence. A RICO charge also allows law enforcement to freeze or confiscate your assets before you're even indicted. And of course, a federal conviction carries all the social and professional stigma of any criminal record. If you're facing federal drug charges, it's essential to protect your rights by hiring a high-quality criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. Don't say a single word to law enforcement until Steven Eversole is by your side.

Attorney for Large-Scale Drug Cases

Federal drug cases are almost always the result of long-term investigations. If you've been charged with a serious federal drug crime, it's likely that law enforcement has built its case for months or even years, relying on surveillance, wiretaps, informants and other covert evidence. These techniques can leave gaps in information, which can lead to arrests for people who aren't really involved. Once you're in the interview room, they may try to intimidate or coax you into completing the picture for them. Don't say a word, because anything you say to law enforcement can be used against you. Instead, call federal criminal defense attorney Steven Eversole for help protecting your rights.

Federal Drug Crimes Defense

Because these federal drug crimes cases are frequently built on surveillance, and sometimes feature "busts" in which civil rights are violated, the police work behind them isn't always as careful as it should be. Steven Eversole will comb through the case against you to look for any illegal searches, unsupported assumptions, denial of your right to an attorney or other mistakes or violations of your rights. He will aggressively challenge these flaws in the case against you to get your case dropped or substantially reduced.

If you believe a plea bargain is most appropriate, Steven Eversole can negotiate with prosecutors to reduce charges and penalties, in order to get you the most appropriate possible sentence. And if a trial is warranted, he is prepared to aggressively make the case for a "not guilty" verdict, using expert testimony, private investigators and other resources. With so much at stake, nothing less makes sense.

If you or someone you care about is facing federal drug crimes charges, call Steven Eversole today for a free evaluation of your case at 1-866-831-5292, or in Birmingham, at (205) 994-0616.


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